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Browns Creek Nature Park and Bicycle Trail

(updated: Apr 24, 2014)

This is a new trail built by Cape Fear SORBA in a new park in Elizabethtown, NC. I recently got to ride this trail with my son after spending the weekend cub scout camping nearby. The trails are fairly tight and twisty, with lots of short steep ups and downs, and a lot of trail packed into a small area. In fact, at some points you can see three levels of trails, cut into and contoured alongside the hills. It's like a miniature version something you'd see out west in Utah, where you can drive down into a canyon, except you go down a thousand feet in a ridiculous number of switchbacks and levels.

My favorite part of the trail was after the field (my least favorite part) and into some piney woods. It reminds me of riding out West a bit. Maybe it was the dry, sandy, loose dirt that wasn't packed down yet. I had my fat bike, however, so traction was no problem.

The trails definitely have more elevation change than I expected. I was surprised at some of the steep climbing. And if you're not careful around some of the switchbacks you can end up going off the trail and down the hill; maybe even into the creek.

There are some good dips or swoops as well, which kinda remind me of Warrior Creek.

We only ran into one person there, who had ridden it in the opposite direction. He concluded that the recommended direction was the better way. This is where you go by the sign when you start out.

The trail is currently five miles in length, and it was only after mile four that I realized I did not have my helmet on. I had put it on at the car, then took it off for a reason I can't remember, then just completely forgot about it. I blame it on being tired from camping.

I want to go back once the trails have had more time to pack down. It's about 1.5 hrs from my place so it's not a trail I'll be able to ride very often.

So check it out. I highly recommend it, especially if you're getting bored of Blue Clay, Brunswick Nature Park, and want some more challenging elevation.


A bridge you'll see:

It's all about levels. I think there's three in this photo.

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