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Centennial Campus

8/11/05 -- I'm way behind on the videos, so I decided to actually finish another one. The footage has been sitting on my hard drive since February and I'm now running out of space so that's another reason for getting it done.

There's a lot of footage for this ride, so I ended up with a 12 1/2 minute video. Kinda long and presented some challenges, such as how to keep the file size down without losing too much quality. The trails are covered with leaves and it's difficult to see any contrast. When you use high compression it completely washes out the trail detail. Combined with the lens effect which flattens terrain and makes a technical climb or descent look like a flat walking path, I didn't want it to be a waste of time (either a huge file to download which kills my bandwidth quota or a poor quality fuzz-fest like so many other web videos).

As a compromise, I chose the latest compression technology from Apple (MPEG-4 Part 10, or H.264). This is what the latest version of Quicktime uses (Quicktime 7). Unfortunately, it is not yet available for the Windows PC except as a beta. I've tried it, and it worked for me. Unless you have a Mac, you will have to get the public preview of Quicktime for Windows here. I'd even consider WMV format but I'd have to pay for software that compresses it in that format. No thanks. Y'all can just suck it up and download QT.

I will be making full quality DVDs of this ride available as well. Enjoy.

The video:

Centennial Campus video. [12m 24s. 82Mb]. Right click to download.

Come Inside, The Chemical Brothers, Push the Button
Left Right, The Chemical Brothers, Push the Button
Jacqueline, Franz Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand