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Centennial Campus - Superbowl Sunday Ride

2/5/06 -- Daniel, Ed and I drove up to Raleigh for some freeriding with Logan. We were planning on going to Hound's place but it rained the day before and things would have been too muddy. Centenial Campus stays drier than any other trail in the area because it's on a steep slope. I took my 6 Pack and couldn't wait to hit the drops with it.

The Pack felt awesome. It was like butter on the drops. This bike brings it to another level. Still climbs well for a 35lb bike. I think the platform pedals bothered me climbing more than the weight.

Only took a few photos and video clips. Could of gotten more, but it was too much fun riding the stuff. The photos and clips are of the new stuff. There's a lot you can do here and next time I go back I'm sure there will be more.

Nobody got hurt, only one mechanical - a broken chain, and after we got home I watched the Steelers win the Superbowl. What a great day.


This drop is fast and steep and can send you as far as you want to go. Rider: Logan

Really cool setup over a tall thin rock with ladders on either end. Just don't fall off the side. Rider: Logan

Another shot. Maybe I'll put a sequence together.


And now for the video clips:

DH with four drops. Short but really fun. Rider: Logan

Same DH. Rider: Logan

Bigger drop. Rider: Logan

Same drop. Clip got cut off. Look what I'm wearing.