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Pisgah April Fools Gathering (3/30 - 4/2)

4/7/06 -- Another awesome time. Many thanks to Brad for being the host and planning everything. The weather was perfect. The trails were in great shape. And I can't wait to get back.

Here I've thrown together a few video clips - a preview of some of the stuff that's going to be on the next DVD. The new HD camera worked great, despite my concerns over carrying additional weight on my head (over 5lbs of camera and counterweights) and image quality. In fact, all the images below are individual frames from the camera. All these trails and much more will be on the next DVD. Be prepared to be blown away - the next DVD will be widescreen HD.

The first clip is from the new trail at Bent Creek - Green's Lick. This trail is different from any trail I've ever ridden. It's like a 4X or Mountaincross course. Two miles and about 10min of humpy bumpy downhill. Dangerous. You can get seriously f'd up on this trail and people already have. It doesn't look like anything in the video, but the jumps get big and you can pretty much go as big as you want. You'll get bucked if you're not careful. But it's such a fun trail. And it will make you a better rider.

And that's what great about this area. You get everything here - deep woods riding, incredible vistas, smooth flowing singletrack, super gnarly downhills, slickrock, technical singletrack climbs, rooty and rocky trails, and now Greens Lick. The variety is amazing. You can ride with others or just go off alone and not see anyone else. You can do short loops or epic 50+ mile rides. I've ridden all over the country and I can't get over just how much great riding is here.

So just right click on a linked image to download the video, or just click to watch. Most clips are a little over a minute long. You'll need Quicktime 7 if you don't have it. It's available for Windows users from Apple and it's free.


Bent Creek

Greens Lick Trail in Bent Creek Experimental Forest [18.4MB, 01'34]

And now we come to the end of the Greens Lick Trail, to the last big jump, where I missed some good footage due to my impatient fumbling but I managed to capture Brad pulling a nose wheelie over the jump. Pretty cool. Pretty hairy for Brad, but pretty cool.

Brad's nose wheelie [4.5MB, 00'23]


Here's a cool trail in Bent Creek that twists and turns through some thick cover...

Bent Creek - Wolf Branch [15.4MB, 01'17]


Dupont State Forest

This is my favorite place. If I had only one day to ride I would go here. It's the best combination of scenery and riding. You can ride all day here and never do the same trail.

Dupont - Big Rock Trail [12.2MB, 01'01]

Next we have the Laurel Ridge Trail, which has a bunch of climbing because it's along a ridge. I thought I'd throw some climbing in the mix. This new camera has a more sensitive mic. You can hear my heavy breathing on a quite a few of the videos.

Dupont - Laurel Ridge Trail [14.8MB, 01'16]. Wave to the camera!

Next is the crown jewel of Dupont - Bridal Veil Falls.

Dupont - Bridal Veil Falls [15.9MB, 01'20]

Here's another fantastic downhill. I love these trails.

Dupont - Burnt Mountain Trail [15.7MB, 01'21]. Brad fumbles with the camera trying to get a shot of us flying through a stairstep section.

Shoals Trail is another fun trail with some small jumps and switchbacks.

Dupont - Shoals Trail [15.1MB, 01'18]



Daniel and I rode Cove Creek to Caney Bottom a couple of times, including at night, which was a blast. Here's the upper section of Cove Creek.

Pisgah - Cove Creek [14.4MB, 01'12]

On Sunday we rode Daniel's Ridge. The climb to the top was a doozy - a long relentless grade. With my 38lb bike, about 30lbs worth of gear, and platform pedals, I thought I was going to start palpitating. But the downhill was a rock-filled delight. Here's a clip:

Pisgah - Daniel's Ridge [15.8MB, 01'19]. Anyone bring the portable defibrillator?

We also rode Long Branch to Butter Gap down but I left the camera this time so I could have more fun.

Still Frames

And finally here's a few frames from the video camera. The HD resolution is 1920 x 1080. I've resized them to 640 x 360. The image quality is so good it's almost like taking a picture every 1/30s. Technology.

Dupont - View from Airstrip.

Dupont - Big Rock Trail

Dupont - Bridal Veil Falls

Dupont - Cedar Mountain

Pisgah - Cove Creek. Rider: Daniel

Dupont - stream crossing

Pisgah - Falls near Daniel's Ridge

Dupont - Cedar Mountain. Rider: Daniel

Dupont - Cedar Mountain

Campfire at Cove Creek campground

The moon. Note the three stars.

Rock drop. Rider: Mark

Rock drop. Rider: Daniel