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Some years ago, I was looking for photos or video of a particular trail in Western NC. I searched and searched but I couldn't find any photos or video of the trail. I just wanted to know what the trails were like there. I had seen photos online at sites such as, but going back to try to find them was impossible. So I started as a way to catalog photos and video of all the trails I had ridden. The database is slowly growing and someday I hope to have the largest collection of mtb trail photos and video on the web. That means that I've done a lot of riding, which is the ultimate goal.

It's fairly easy to find particular photos, videos, and write-ups I've done. Just click on the Trails link to the left, then the state. Then you will see a table of trails and parks I've ridden and the photos and videos associated with each. You can sort by trail name, park, or city to find what you're looking for. The reason I did it this way rather than a lengthy selection process is sometimes you don't know the name of a trail or park in particular and you're looking for places to ride near a given location. So I just show you everything nearby. also has a racing team called The Knights of Sir Bikes-a-Lot. We do XC races, DH races, and 24 hour races and place really well in them. We also knight riders that race for the team or just ride with us (see below).

Finally, is the information hub for mountain bikers in the Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas. Click on the Forum to find out what's going on in our area.

So just browse around and see what you can find. If you'd like to leave feedback, please click on the contact Sir Bikes-a-lot link at the very bottom of the page.

Read more about Sir Bikes-a-Lot and his bikes.

The Mission Statement.

The Disclaimer.

The Knights of Sir Bikes-a-Lot

The Knights. From left to right:   Sir Launch-a-lot   Sir Bikes-a-lot   Sir Toots-a-lot   Sir Finds-a-watch


More Knights

Sir Bananas Foster

Sir Bananas Foster hails from the small town of Foster near New Orleans, where he was formed one hundred of years ago by an old lady practicing voodoo on a pile of rotting bananas. When he was little and still rather amorphous, the townsfolk showed up with torches and pitchforks to destroy him. But it just made him angry and he swallowed everyone. After it took him 30 years just to work his way across the Louisiana state line, he decided to absorb biking as a way to increase his speed and develop form. He's come a long way since then, and now he's so fast all you find is a path of ash where he's burned up the trail.

Sir Dyn-O-Mite

Got pesky religious and oil wars? How about two-wheeled locusts riding on YOUR trails? Sir Dyn-o-mite will take care of it quietly and humanely though peaceful Texas-style negotiation, consensus building, and diplomacy (i.e., blowing sh!t up). Best of all is the cost - only one trillion dollars. As a bonus you get unlimited years of hatred and scheming directed against you for free. How can you lose!

Sir 111

Able to lift 10 times the weight of his kidney stones, Sir 111 will climb to the top of a hill and roll logs back down at the young whipper-snappers. The 111 is his age, er, the altitude to which he will climb so the world will hear better how mad he is at it. That's 11,100 ft to you, buddy.

Sir Biohazard

Why is this man smiling? He just cleared out the entire restaurant. The walls were white five minutes ago. Sir Toots has met his match. If Sir Toots is conventional warfare Sir Biohazard is nuclear armageddon. Trees wilt and fall. Even his farts can't stand their own smell. For the love of god have mercy on your teammates, the race organizers, volunteers, waiters, and small woodland creatures.

Sir Rice Burner

Known to subsist on rice alone for weeks, Sir Rice Burner rides like a Chinese man with his hair on fire. He also leaves digested rice pellets in his path for finding his way back. He could explain the benefits of being vegen to you for hours, but he'd rather slap you upside the head with a lamb shank and leave tire tracks on your face, you meat-eating mass-murdering bambi killer.

Sir Hates-To-Lose

After talking smack about beating everyone for weeks, Sir Hates-to-lose came in behind some crusty old farts in a race. Not knowing what to do, he gathered nuts and sulked in a corner, breathing through a paper bag and thinking about sabotaging his competitor's bikes next time. Somebody call the Whaambulance.


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