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Blue Clay Trails
Blue Clay Bike Park. Wilmington, NC
(created: Jul 3, 2005)


Video from the Pisgah Gathering 10/28 - 10/30.
(updated: 11/18/05)

Camp Lejeune Time Trial Podium Finish.
(updated: 10/24/05)

I got my Turner Jersey. See the video. Right click and download here.
(updated: 8/27/05)

Another AZ05 video: Koyaanisqatsi remix.
(updated: 8/26/05)

AZ05 video: 50-Year Trail.
(updated: 8/20/05)

The Centennial Campus video. Finally.
(updated: 8/11/05)

Why Macs are superior to PCs
(updated: 7/21/05)

The Knights of Sir Bikes-a-lot and our new team logo
(updated: 7/21/05)

Bike-Themed Demotivational Posters
(updated: 7/20/05)

Tsali '05 (write-up, photos, videos clips)
(updated: 7/12/05)

Find a ride in the Wilmington, NC area. Local trail info added.
(updated: 8/4/05)

24 Hours of Big Bear (write-up, pics, and video clips).
(updated: 6/22/05)

Why I spend so much money on bikes.
(updated: 6/8/05)

Tar River (a short camera video compilation).
(updated: 5/23/05)

More expensive lightweight crap that doesn't last (a race report).
(updated: 5/20/05)

Will mountain biking be killed off by development or lawyers? Read this blog and others here.
(updated: 4/19/05)

New addition to the stable. I should be doing my taxes instead.
(updated: 4/13/05)

The story behind my trip to AZ.
(updated: 4/12/05)

How to box your bike.
(updated: 4/1/05)

Photos and teaser Video Clips from my trip to AZ this March. Video coming soon.
(updated: 3/28/05)

How to shoot bike videos.
(updated: 3/26/05)


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