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2007 DEC Race Series - Final Race Photos

(updated: Jun 7, 2007)

Ok, so I didn't even go to the race. I had something else I had to do, which right now I can't even remember what that was. But, I have a few photographs to share with you from the race, which was held back at the Brig Trail in Camp LeJeune. I only picked a few. However, there's probably one of you because Jennifer took, oh, 491 photos. So, if you want to get a copy of the CD, contact Jennifer Pearce at jjpearcephotography (at) or 910-352-3018 to order a copy.

Photos from Final DEC Race at The Brig Trail (May 2007)

All photos by J.J. Pearce, 2007

Nice shades:

Got air? His tire completely folded over:

You're going the wrong way!

Big wheel man. This one looks like a 32er:

"Ok, so if nobody is going to drop this root, step aside."

29ers are so last year, dude. 32 is the new 29:


"Hey, where are the dirt jumps?"

Lookout it's the great pumpkin!

Another one of those virtually suspended fork-free bikes:

Color coordinated. I love white bikes, I wish my fork matched my bike.

Gotta hand it to you, flats are the way to go:

"I am batman. Now where did I put my cape."

"I'll get you if it's the last thing I do."

Smile, you're on camera:

It's the great pumpkin again. And now he's foaming at the mouth!

Mud pit sponsored by Yoohoo, because, like, who drinks that stuff anymore anyway:

When you can't fix your tire, you can use it as a fashion accessory:

Three year old comes in second in Expert class. Jason is stunned.

That's all folks. Now go get yourself high on two wheels.


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1. Pearce said...

When are you guys going to do another freeride jam session? She's wanting to come out and take pictures of you guys, and of course the others riding the trails here at Blue Clay. Thanks for sharing here info.

Jun 10, 2007 @ 4:21 AM


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