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Big ride through town

(updated: Jul 4, 2007)

So yesterday morning Daniel called me up and said that there were a bunch of cyclists heading up Market St. toward my end of town. At first I thought, did I miss my own awareness ride? By the time I could grab my camera and get free they were already past Porters Neck and on their way to Hampstead via 17. I really wanted to catch them on Market because a bunch of cyclists on Market during rush hour was something I had to see.

Well they were moving fast (that's something people don't realize about cycling that was pointed out in July's Wrightsville Beach Magazine article about cycling, is that it really doesn't take much longer to go by bike than by car when you factor in traffic). They got to Hampstead by the time I passed most of them that I could stop and film.

I pulled over and went up to the road and started filming. They were all sporting flags to help with driver visibility. I tried to ask what ride it was, as you'll hear on the video, but my hearing ain't too good these days so all I got was Cycles or East Cycles or something. I googled it but couldn't find anything.

Seemed like a really good ride. I counted 67 riders, but I know I missed some further ahead.

So if you have any info on this tour, where they're going, etc., please post it here. And if there's a way to contact them I'd like to send them a link to this page.


(You'll need the latest Quicktime player, version 7. Get it here )

Ride through Wilmington (1m 10s):

To download instead, right click here.


Looks like a nice country road, right?


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