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Nothing's Changed

(updated: Aug 16, 2007)

I'm stuck on the Fruita video. I should have finished it but I can't seem to. So instead of a video, here's an ad in yesterday's WSJ that I thought was funny yet sad:

It kinda struck me as a don't worry, drive all you want, we'll just make more, kinda like that Doritos commercial a while back with the "crunch all you want, we'll make more" tagline. They fail to mention, however, that all their refineries are running at the redline.

Conservation is mentioned but that isn't happening here. Big cars and trucks are getting more powerful each year. Rich countries like the US and England can afford to drive gas guzzlers.

England is actually doing something about it. They've instituted taxes on gas guzzlers, and it's working:

How to Kill the SUV and Save the World

The Coming Resource Wars

I read an article in September's Harper's Magazine called Cold Rush: The Coming Fight for the Melting North. The article is about the coming land rush for the last remaining oil deposits under the arctic ice once it melts away, which is happening at an astonishing pace. And how all eyes are turning toward Canada because they have abundant natural resources - water, coal, oil and gas. Canada doesn't really have a strong military. All I could think of was, bend over Canada, it'll only hurt worse if you don't.

And in this week's WSJ there was an article about the governor of Papua, Indonesia who sees the total destruction of the rain forests in Indonesia and wants to be paid not to cut down trees in exchange for carbon credits. The trees are used in furniture and the palm oil plants that replace the trees are used in all kinds of food and to make ethanol (Palm oil - rainforest in your shopping).

Indonesian Proposal: Pay Us Not to Chop Down Our Trees

Video here: Trees or Carbon Credits?

The predictions of global warming are starting to appear, and there is the possibility that it could lead to runaway warming. Just look at Venus. It's greenhouse atmosphere traps heat so that the surface temp is a balmy 900 degrees Fahrenheit. The dense atmosphere produces a run-away greenhouse effect that raises Venus' surface temperature by about 400 degrees (hot enough to melt lead). Venus' surface is actually hotter than Mercury's despite being nearly twice as far from the Sun. We should take heed in this, yet all anybody can think of is, "How can I profit from this?"

More poor planning

You'd think Wilmington would have a clue by now that the future of its current planning and development process well, has no future, but no, it's business as usual. More information regarding Porter's Neck development:

Porter's Neck Growth

20,000 more cars per day. 0 bikes.

20,000 is just for that one area. There are several other areas on the other side of the bypass and just further up 17 N, where I live. I've heard talks of a Wal-Mart or Target and strip malls. Great, more ugly urbanization and car dependency. If that gets built, it'll be like daytime all night at my house.

This is how I'll get my wood at Lowe's

The leaders of this community need to get a clue. The reason that led to the creation of the big-box stores in the first place has been cheap energy - transporting crap from China and driving it all over the country. Same goes for the endless sprawl, giant SUVs, and massive road infrastructure needed to keep up with all of it. This will be the same reason that will lead to all of its undoing. Yet our leaders and business developers are playing blindfolded in front of a slow-moving steam roller.

The County Commissioner's meeting is scheduled for Sept 4. I'll be there.

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