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Myrna's Place

(updated: Oct 6, 2007)

So I was up in PA for a family reunion. It wasn't until Sunday so I had some time to ride. First ride was at Myrna's place. There's some woods with trails behind her place and a good sized hill to climb. I brought the 29er singlespeed. I realized as I began climbing the hill that the singlespeed might have been a bad idea. I couldn't even make it halfway up the hill. These trails go straight up and down. They are that way because they were made by ATVs, you know, with motors. Without a motor it's murder trying to claw your way to the top with one gear, especially with all the loose rocks my tire lost traction on and spit out.

Slumped over my bike, gulping air like a fish out of water, I waited until the nausea and shaking subsided before I could continue. That's what you get for living in the low country for too long. I used to be able to clean the wicked steep three mile climb in Laguna, CA on my singlespeed. That's out of the question now.

It was only 9 am but it was rapidly approaching 80 degrees. 80 degrees in PA this time of year is unheard of. I was sweating in the same manner as a summer ride in NC. Furthermore, the area has been in drought conditions this year and a water ban remains in effect. The trails were bone dry, drier than I'd ever seen PA trails. This is normally a wet area. The woods looked really sad and I don't think there's going to be much of a fall this year in terms of color. These are record-breaking conditions. Something is askew.

Trails behind Myrna's house:

The kids here enjoy dirt bikes, ATVs, BMX, and trail riding - they do it all. The one kid, Colby, said they are going to build dirt jumps by the edge of the field. He said there's a bmx track in a neighboring town, and Woodward is not too far away.

Motocross ramp at the end of the street:


You can barely tell but it's a climb straight up the mountain:

Leaves should be changed more this time of year. Compare to photos I took at the same time last year.

Top of climb:


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1. letsride said...

So, you rolled through Maryland and did not give me a call to go do some riding? Shame on you. Just kidding

Oct 8, 2007 @ 6:54 PM


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