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New Trail - The Forest Trail

(updated: Mar 13, 2008)

UPDATE -- 3/13/2008

The Forest Trail will rise again, reincarnated to become the RiverLights Trail. See this link for more info.

UPDATE -- 8/10/2007

This trail is history. They have started developing the area and it's a goner. The best bet for this area is for us to contact the developer to see if there's a mutual interest in adding some trails in some open space they're planning on leaving, supposedly along a ridge that is the highest point in the area. Probability is slim but worth a shot. See this link for more info and a tribute to the Forest Trail: Forest Trail, River Rd. - R.I.P.


I'd been meaning to post this trail but I wanted to make sure that it was ok with the person who built them. This trail was built about ten years ago. It is about a 4.5 mile long loop of singletrack. Until this year, it has been a well-kept secret and for good reason. The trail is on private property where there have been issues in the past. The place is crawling with ATVs and motorcycles as well. The trail is very well hidden on purpose because if they are discovered by the motor folks they would have been destroyed almost instantly. The area is very sandy so the impact is very apparent. However, the nice thing about this trail is that it has hills. Hills, you say? In Wilmington? I tell you it is true. The area consists of some very large sand dunes now covered by a forest, hence the name.

But unfortunately it won't be a forest for much longer. The area is slated for development. It may begin as early as March, 2007. Hence the reason why the trail master is sharing it with the rest of us. He enjoyed it for a long time, and now it's time for others to enjoy it in it's short remaining life.


This trail is located right off of River Rd. Go down Independence until you hit River Rd. Make a left onto River Rd. Go a short way until you cross a bridge. Shortly past the bridge there's a curve in the road with a 45mph curve sign. Park on your right alongside the road just before this sign. There will be a gate on your left. The trail starts about a half mile further down the road across the street. Right by the trailhead there's another 45mph curve sign. Go to the Interactive Google Map page (link below) to see the trail and the trailhead.

Even with a map and GPS coords you will still not be able to find the trail. Trust me. It is purposely designed to be hard to find, with twists and turns and no visible entrances across the fireroads. So the best way is to contact me and we'll schedule a small group ride. Otherwise you will be in for a frustrating time and be eaten alive by bugs and get poison ivy.

Click here to go the interactive map

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