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Laurel Run Railroad Trails

(updated: Oct 19, 2007)

Shortly after we arrived at my aunt's place on the top of the hill overlooking Wilkes-Barre, my son panicked in the pool. Now, you may be thinking, why would anyone still be swimming up in northeast PA this time of year. I'll tell you why, it was still in the 80's and humid. And it's been that way, so why close the pool? Anyway, I had to jump in to pull him out. No time to think about my wallet, keys, trail maps, and iPhone in my pocket. So that was the end of the iPhone. And I only had one pair of shoes. And the kid knows how to swim.

Needless to say, I needed a ride. So off I went with my cousins and my brother, who ran with us. There are trails all around where my aunt lives. Mostly ATV trails but there is singletrack. Only we wouldn't be finding any because the maps were now all wet and useless. We didn't have much time anyway.

We started out from her house and hit the trail by the railroad tracks. There were parts that were all loose rocks and difficult to maneuver, unless of course you had a 29er which plows through this stuff a lot easier. Felt really good.

I don't know if this trail has a name, so I'm calling it the Laurel Run RR Trail:


Nice little downhill section:

Sunset over Wilkes Barre:

Wilkes Barre, PA. Where's the fall color? This just ain't right.

Rider: Nancy. I pinch-flatted on the way back down. It got dark fast. Good thing we brought our lights.

Good size timber rattlesnake. Approx four ft long with about 10 rings on his rattle. Seemed fairly docile. No I did not try to pick it up.


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1. Sean-earthwalker said...

What's sad is that my parents are coming down from NY, they live right on the NY/PA border, and they're mad it's only going to be in the 70's because it's been so unusually warm. If that doesn't say it all I don't know what does.

Oct 9, 2007 @ 4:51 PM

2. Sean-earthwalker said...

Off topic - you see people want to expand 17 because they're tired of the congestion? Unreal's circular logic.

Oct 9, 2007 @ 8:23 PM


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