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Blue Clay Cyclocross Results & Photos

(updated: Oct 15, 2007)

I apologize for not posting this sooner but I was in the process of switching to a new web host provider thanks to the absolutely terrible service I was getting from the current one as you were likely aware of. It's all over now, so I can get back to business. And I have a lot to post. But first, here are the results of the first event at Blue Clay, which happened to be a cyclocross event. It also happened to be bone dry and about 90 degrees out, atypical for cyclocross. But there will be more events to come, and there will be rain and cold, so don't worry.


Expert (10 laps)
1) John Brinker 1:33:06 Fastest lap 8:25
2) Bryan Foster 1:41:14
3) Gabe Salinas DNF
4) Tom Zimmer DNF

Sport (8 laps)
1) Steve Mason 1:20:40
2) Steve Mangiacapre 1:22:31
3) Charley Goodrich DNF

Beginner (5 laps)
1) Ben RacHunok 55:01
2) Mike Grissom 56:57
3) Joshua Cotton 1:11:23
4) Burt Wright DNF

All photos by JJ Pearce Photography.

Rider: John.

Rider: Gabe.

Rider: Bryan.

Rider: Charley.

Rider: Gabe.

Rider: Steve.

Rider: John.

Rider: Steve.

More photos on the CD and a few extra here. Contact JJ Pearce Photography to get a copy.


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