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Pisgah Fall Gathering, part III

(updated: Oct 29, 2007)

Squirrel Gap is a great trail that takes you deep into the Pisgah National Forest. It's got some nice tight technical singletrack. The latest video features some of the highlights of the ride (including crash footage) and also includes clips of Buckhorn Gap, South Mills River, and Mullinax in addition to Squirrel Gap.

This ride took a while and we were losing light so we opted to ride back on the road instead of trying to loop back in the woods. Also Jake broke his bike halfway through the ride and had to walk 11 miles out. He was knighted Sir Hikes-a-Bike.

I may do one more video featuring Black Mountain or just start working on the DVD.

Squirrel Gap Video (3m 13s):

Music: Any Minute Now, Soulwax

To download instead, right click here. Then you can use the player of your choice (including iTunes) as long as it supports H.264.


Rider: Sir Lamm-Hammer.

Rider: Sir Toots.

Rider: Brad.

Riders: Sir Toots, Randy on Buckhorn Gap.

Rider: Andrew on Buckhorn Gap.

Buckhorn Gap:

Rider: Jay on South Mills River.

Rider: Sir Hikes-a-Bike on South Mills River before his frame broke.

Rider Sir Toots does a head plant.

Sir Hikes-a-Bike's bike:

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1. Sir Lamm-Hammer said...

so i was laughing through most of that. just because the begining was so funny. and the middle crash fottage made us look like a bunch of tards on bikes for the first time. but then take into consideration that there was a possibility of dieing if you fall down the mountain and then it seems not so bad. that was the best edit job i have seen so far. that day was so long its hard to imagine how to compress it into 3 1/2 minutes of footage. i wish i could see the uncute stuff.
i love that place and cant wait to get up to the mountains to ride agian.

Oct 29, 2007 @ 9:48 PM

2. brado1 said...

Perfect indeed! great ride, cool video! too bad we didn't get any hwy 280 footage!

good stuff Erol!

see ya in a couple

Oct 30, 2007 @ 5:55 AM


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