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Toys for Tots race @ The Bicycle Post Trails

(updated: Jan 14, 2008)

Here are just a few photos from Sunday's race up in Greenville, NC at the Bicycle Post Trail. Before the race, Steve and I rode in the woods a bit and took some shots. For actual race photos, click here. And for race results, check out this EC Velo link.

The 2007 Toys for Tots MTB Race. Tim, Steve and Nancy before the start:

On the trail. Rider: Sir Toots.

Ok, so they run the course backwards for races, which means that all the jumps and stuff are facing the wrong way. So I had to go and hit something with my new bike before the start.

Takeoff. Rider: Sir Bikes.

If one day I can't talk cause I bit off my tongue, you'll know why:

The fun section in the beginning consists of all these short steep chutes:

During the race on the first lap I hit a ladder to a drop. The second lap around it was taped off, and Steve and a few others were standing near the end of it. I thought Steve just quit or something and that was his plan - to sucker me into doing three 9 mile laps. So I yelled something about what are you doing and why'd you tape it off... Little did I realize that it wasn't a drop; it was a teeter-totter that was nailed in place. So somebody got really hurt on it because they were expecting it to move and it did not, and that's why they were all standing there until the EMT arrived.


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