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Best Section of UNCW Trail Lost - The Last Video Clip

(updated: May 18, 2008)

"Everything is not yet lost." - Fortune Cookie

It is only 15 acres. Just another 15. Gone. But as the saying goes, "We will die by a thousand cuts." The 140 acres of UNCW forest remaining will likely be gone in time as well, replaced by intramural fields, buildings, more parking lots, and one of those awful eyesore drainage ponds that are now ubiquitous in Wilmington.

But let's look on the bright side. We have Blue Clay, the RiverLights Trail is in the works, and then there's a plan for trails in the proposed 900 acre park in Brunswick County. And maybe we'll get the green light to reopen the New River trail. Still, it was nice to have a trail in the middle of the town where you could escape from all the noisy incessant motoring of our fossil-fueled dystopia.

Now the best section of the UNCW campus trail is gone. This included about two miles of trail and the fast and fun whoop section. I used to get so much speed here it almost felt like a downhill run.

So the last time we rode here as a group I shot a few second video clip using my camera. It's not very good quality. We talked about doing a new UNCW video but I had a feeling we wouldn't get that chance. Sure enough, in the ensuing days they fenced it off to crap on our collective intelligence with their "animal relocation" farce.

I want everyone to know what an uncaring, un-eco friendly university this is, one that ignores its own faculty and the public and acts just like a greedy private corporation out to exploit every remaining resource. I can do this with this website and your help. Link to this entry if you can, so it shows up on google searches and people can see them for what they truly are. Maybe a few potential students will reconsider attending and go elsewhere.

UNCW Wilmington - what a waste.

Last video clip ever from the section of UNCW trail now gone (1m 12s):
You'll need the latest Quicktime player, version 7. Get it here . Or, you can use the free VLC Media Player.

To download instead, right click here. Then you can use the player of your choice (such as VLC or iTunes) as long as it supports H.264.

Photos by Jay. Other pics can be seen here.


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Google Earth (.kml) files and GPS eXchange (.gpx) files.


1. Sean said...

Just went by there today to take some photos. Had a person stop and talk to me who had also just seen it for the first time. They were clearly angry, and clearly intoxicated...nevertheless I think many have that very same feeling upon seeing it for the first time...and I do find the signs on the fence to be hilarious....

May 18, 2008 @ 4:53 PM

2. C Me Crash said...

So unfortunate.

May 19, 2008 @ 4:48 PM

3. MLB said...

My wife introduced me to those trails when we first met about ten years ago.That section was my favorite back then and up until last week or so. We were both sad to see it mowed down.On the bright side,Blue Clay, which was barely rideable back then,has now re-sparked the fire for me to get off road more and enjoy the peace,the quiet and the challenge.Thanks for all the hard work put in out there!

May 19, 2008 @ 8:39 PM


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