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Wilson Creek - Beehive Video

(updated: Jun 3, 2008)

The cat's out of the bag. If you read this month's issue of Mountain Bike, they name Wilson Creek as one of the top places to ride on the East Coast. They specifically mention that some trails are off limits to bikes, then they go ahead and mention Greentown, which is one of them. The first few shots of the video are from Greentown, but most of the footage is of Beehive, a wicked steep in-your-face hang-on-to-your-brakes blast of a ride. But, you're unlikely to get a lot of yahoos coming up here to ride because the trails are unmarked and you need a guide. You also need a shuttle.

In my opinion these are the best trails on the east coast. The video does absolutely no justice. I'll probably make two more videos featuring other trails in the area.

I've also got a few other high priority places to ride and video that I'll need someone to go with me: Uwharrie, Dark Mountain, and FATS (Forks Area Trail System in SC).

Beehive (4m 22s):
You'll need the latest Quicktime player, version 7. Get it here . Or, you can use the free VLC Media Player.

Music: King of Kings by Manowar from the album Gods of War (in memory of my brother Glen, 1969-2001, a two-wheeled freak of a different kind)

To download instead, right click here. Then you can use the player of your choice (such as VLC or iTunes) as long as it supports H.264.

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1. MLB said...

Ok I'll be the first to comment. I WANT TO GO BACK !!!! NOW

Jun 4, 2008 @ 11:39 AM

2. Mike said...

I did the Xterra in Uwharrie and the trail there was awesome. Some really steep climbs, rocky stream crossings, and some serious mud pits due the rain the day before. Uwharrie is so big though that I\'m sure the trails differ depending on where you go. I was at Badin Lake.

Jun 5, 2008 @ 10:43 AM

3. concernedhiker said...

These trails are illegal for bikes. Please quit posting videos and promoting them as bike trails.

Jun 10, 2008 @ 3:17 PM

4. concernedfiker said...

"They specifically mention that some trails are off limits to bikes, then they go ahead and mention Greentown, which is one of them."

So much for the damn double standard. one day we are promoting screaming and yelling about some dude on his dirt bike on our trail and here we are riding on a trail that we are not allowed to!! JP...great vid get the hell off my trails....JP again :D...seriously!!!!!....ohhh gosh i should stop!!

Jun 11, 2008 @ 1:25 AM


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