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Google going down the drain

(updated: Aug 10, 2006)

I don't know about you but lately I've been getting less and less meaningful search results out of Google. More and more of the top hits are just pointless sites chock full of useless links, sites with little or no relevant content, or older pages that haven't been updated in eons.

WTF? It looks like some of these SEO scum are effectively gaming the system, I thought that there was no way a bunch of bottom feeders like SEOs would be able to outwit the smart people at google, but I guess you don't have to be smart, just persistent. I guess it wouldn't be that hard. Just create a bunch of sites that are just links to other sites, reinforcing each other but having little or no original content. Just copy content from other pages and repeat your target keywords endlessly on every page.

I've also heard that google doesn't crawl dynamically generated pages, just static urls. Well, there goes my ranking. That explains why this site doesn't even show up on google (in addition to having few links to it) and maybe why some of google's search results are so outdated. At least I show up on Yahoo, the McDonalds of the Internet.

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