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Why I didn't watch the Tour de France this year...

(updated: Aug 12, 2006)

I was talking to my bro the other week and he asked if I was watching the tour. I said no. And he told me I was missing a great tour - Floyd Landis dropped back like 10 minutes and the next day went on a mission and erased the field and won the stage and was like all fired up and angry and pumping his fist, etc. etc. I told him the reason I chose not to watch the tour is that it's just one big pharmaceutical smorgasborg and I was just sick of all the doping. And the worst part is that they all lie about it. Why? It's the cyclists code and nobody talks about it or some equally retarded reason.

That's why I don't watch the tour anymore. Not because of the actual doping, but because they won't friggen admit it. Athletes in all other sports admit using drugs, esp. baseball and football. One even celebrates it - pro competition bodybuilding. That's why they have all natual bodybuilding competitions now. Instead, professional cyclists choose to deny it even though they all do it.

Then there's the folks tell me, "well, you have to because the race is so tough and there's no way you could do it without drugs". What BS! Ever see photographs of some the old tours? These guys are smoking while riding their bikes and having a good time! Gimme a break. I should be hearing that excuse for just about every lousy job people do these days. Heck, working at Wal-Mart would probably drive me to drugs.

Ok so how much do the drugs actually help your performance? I wouldn't think some Testosterone could make Floyd recover so quickly to come back and crush everyone the very next day. I mean come on. But apparently the results speak for themselves.

So what does that say about road racing? What does that say about any other sport? Money. Fame. Anything it takes to win. Really instills good values into our children, huh?

The riders should just come clean and admit they take more drugs than a crack whore. Then it'll be just like every other sport. And then they could have an all natural tour just like in bodybuilding.

The worst part is that they even changed the name of the tour this year and I got confused. I thought it was called the Tour de Lance, but whatever.

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