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The scariest thing I have ever read

(updated: Aug 12, 2006)

Clearly, the future of the world involves much war and death. However, the site misses the root cause of the problem, and that is overpopulation.

I have a degree in Physics, and in Physics you learn (1) that hardly anybody listens to physicists, and (2) that growth is a transient phenomenon that can never continue for more than a short period of time. The real solution to any problem must be a steady-state solution. And in all biological systems, the normal condition is the steady-state condition, where the birth rate equals the death rate.

However, the human population is in anything but a steady state, and therefore, if we do not start reducing our numbers now at a planned and calculated rate to achieve the steady-state, future generations are going to suffer massively.

Yet people see that the world population growth rate is only around 1.7%. They look at that number and think, 'that doesn't seem bad'. But you must realize that at a 1.7% growth rate it takes only 41 years for the entire population to double. So that means that in 41 years we have to double food production. That means dramatic increases in the use of petroleum for powering machinery and for manufacturing fertilizers and insecticides. 41 years is an insignificant blip in earth's history. And that is another problem with most people -- short term thinking.

One way or another, we will achieve steady-state. It is a mathematical certainty. Too bad most people don't study physics in school, especially politicians, business and government leaders.

Business and govt leaders at all levels would have us believe that steady growth forever is a goal we can achieve. They are pulling the wool over our eyes.

That's why one of my favorite quotes is "The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our ability to understand the exponential function." It would be ironic, if the most intelligent species to ever evolve on this planet thus far were felled by a simple function.

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