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Bent Creek Ride Report

(updated: Dec 16, 2008)

Guest post by Austin (Sir Peanut)

Over the Thanksgiving holiday Tse-Lynn and myself had the opportunity to take a day and head to the Asheville area for some riding. We decided on Bent Creek Research Forest since I already knew how to get there and had some idea where I was going as opposed to other places in the Pisgah area. Bent Creek is located off of I-26 less than a half hour south of Ashville. Its an interesting array of trails of all features with some crazy downhill, long climbing, and some fun cross country riding.

Now everyone has told me that if you go to Bent Creek "you have to ride Green's Lick!" For those of you that don't know, Green's Lick is an insanely fast 2.5 mile downhill that has bermed corners and well designed whoopdies that will send you flying. This is a downhill dream for those of us that can manage it without fearing for our life. There was some confusion on exactly the best way to get up to Green's Lick so I am going to give the route I took to get up there. I couldn't find any routes online so I figure I should put one up for those trying to find it in the future.

1. Park at the Hardtimes Trailhead and ride down the fireroad connected to the parking lot beside the bathrooms.

2. At the first intersection of this fireroad turn right.

3. Stay straight and you should eventually come to Lake Powhatan, keep going straight on that road.

4. You will cross yet another road, stay straight and take the Campground connector trail (really short) to another place where bikers park (should be a kiosk and with trail map here).

5. Here you will be staring at Boyd Branch Rd, I believe labeled as road 479B, start climbing!

6. After a few miles you will peak at an unlabeled trail on your left. This trail is actually Ingles Field Gap Connector.

7. Ride up Ingles Field Gap Connector and it will quickly connect you to Ingles Field Gap, go left.

8. Ride up Ingles Field Gap until you get to…well the gap! When you reach the gap straight ahead will be one trail and to the left another. You will want to go straight, this is North Boundary. At this point you should be just shy of 4 miles.

9. Ride North Boundary and almost exactly at the 5 mile mark you should come to Green's Lick on the left! Its now time to enjoy 2.5 miles of crazy downhill!

Now of course Green's Lick wouldn't be Green's Lick without the possibility of injury. So this is a heads up I want to give. There is a small (SMALL) sign posted beside the trail marker for Green's Lick telling you about the project to build it etc. Well on it they describe two "Filters" that are built into the trail which are nothing more then large amounts of rock and logs. They said on this sign that the "filters" where there to help keep people of the proper skill level on the trail (or off it). Well the first one was pretty easy, nothing the average biker couldn't handle. The second one on the other hand got dangerous. There were two things that caused this. First, you come up on it without any warning. You are flying down the mountain and top a hill and suddenly you are in the middle of the filter. Secondly, with so many leaves on the ground you could not see much of the rocks and logs. I barely cleared the second filter without going end over end but Tse-Lynn ate it, somehow without landing completely on her head. Outside of an achy posterior, she made out ok. It actually said on the little sign that the second filter causes more accidents than any other part of Green's Lick. Personally, I think that's something that needs to be addressed.

In any case, we continued to ride around for the rest of the day, getting another good 10 leisurely miles in before heading up to Asheville. A fantastic post Thanksgiving day ride, it really helped us burn off all the food we ate the day before. Plenty of climbing, plenty of downhill, and plenty of flow. Check it out sometime, and wear a helmet! Don't be the next victim of Green's Lick!

Tse-Lynn as we get to Ingles Field Gap

It was cold up there!

At the top of Green's Lick

Going down the mountain, there are berms all OVER this trail!

Where Tse-Lynn wiped out. Its was so hard to tell where anything was, it was pure luck I didn't wreck.

Like I said, there are berms all over this downhill. Super fast!

Who cares about wrecking? Give me another Berm!

Greetings from Bent Creek! Wish you were here!

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Google Earth (.kml) files and GPS eXchange (.gpx) files.
Includes trails: Ingles Field Gap, Greens Lick, Wolf Branch, Lower Sidehill.


1. Randy said...

That was cute.

Dec 17, 2008 @ 7:42 AM

2. Sir Peanuts said...

Randy, you are much cuter.

Dec 17, 2008 @ 7:46 AM

3. Randy said...

Oh stop.

Dec 17, 2008 @ 9:59 AM

4. Burley said...

thanks for posting your route! I am heading there right after christmas and have been searching for a good route to greens lick.

Dec 17, 2008 @ 12:10 PM

5. Sir Peanuts said...

My Pleasure Burley, it was because i couldn't find a solid route to green's lick that i posted this one after figuring it out. Unless you hook up with someone out that way that really knows Bent Creek it can be difficult to string together a long extended ride. I am still figuring that place out.

Dec 17, 2008 @ 1:06 PM

6. sirtoots said...

nice bike TSE-LYN
IS THAT A SALSA DOS NINER? that looks hot how did it handle
Greens lick?

Dec 17, 2008 @ 5:21 PM

7. BT said...

We didn't do Greenslick, but Jay, Tony & I stopped at Bent Creek on our way back from Tsali this past July (not quite as cold) and had a blast. This is an awesome trail system!!

Dec 18, 2008 @ 4:52 AM

8. AB said...

Regarding Sir Peanut's comment above "Personally, I think that's something that needs to be addressed...."

I think the "FILTERS" Sir Peanut talks about on Greenslick are ridiculous. They were installed by SORBA who, at least in this instance, has apparently nothing better to do than ruin trails, make them dangerous and slow bikers down.

According to them, their intent with these filters is to warn bikers about the dangers of the trail but, in my opinion, I'm pretty sure they fail to accomplish this while making the trail MORE dangerous. I would wager that most bikers that have gone to the trouble to climb to Greenslick are aware of it's danger without these filters.

I ride single track every other day. I've ridden Greenslick countless times. I live in Asheville and have seen a lot of trails in this area screwed up by this type of thinking. Burnt Mountain in Dupont is now off my list, too; the bottom of Airstrip is fouled up. But Greenslick is the worst offense.

The lower section of Greenlick (where those the pictures of the new berms are) is really screwed up now. It LOOKS sweet but those berms are out of place. It was much better before the work.

I've removed this trail from my list of favorites and that is a sad thing because it used to be such a hoot.

I appreciate the hard work done by SORBA but this improvement is not welcome by me. Funny thing is that while this work was going on, there were quite a few trails which had trees over them the entire time. That's the sort of work that needs doing. But, hey, there's no glory in that is there?

Sorry for the rant. I usually don't.

Bike on.

Dec 19, 2008 @ 1:08 PM

9. DC said...

AB has totally hit the mark.
I thought I was the only one that has noticed recent trail "improvements" to be HORRIFIC!
It seems like some people.(these SORBA folks, whoever they are) have a truly distorted view of what an improvement is. Green's Lick is no longer worth the trip up the mountain! It used to be the best trail in the area, and is now ruined!

Again, I do not even know what SORBA is but it seeems like there are a ton of trails in our area needing improvement. Let's not fix what's not broken. Or... just quit killing the good trails and build some new ones of your own!!!!

Dec 19, 2008 @ 1:26 PM

10. Sir Peanuts said...

Its nice to see that i am not the only one that believes those things were a bit ridiculous.

Dec 19, 2008 @ 9:37 PM

11. SBA said...

I originally thought these sections was where underlying rocks surfaced after the trail wore in. I didn't know they were purposely placed there. That middle filter knocked a few of us off our bikes or the trail. When I rode Greenslick the first time it was brand-spanking new and really smooth and fast. Now you get going and all of a sudden you hit the rocks and you're like, wtf?

Regarding Burnt Mountain, some folks like the reworked section better, some don't. I'm sort of indifferent. Interesting to contrast the different trailbuilders (Trail Dynamics vs. the other company - forgot their name). I really like Trail Dynamics trails - generally they are smooth, fast and bermy.

Dec 20, 2008 @ 7:12 AM


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