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Tsali 2006

(updated: Aug 17, 2006)

July 7 - 9, 2006 -- Tsali trip. I've finally gotten around to posting pics of our annual pilgrimage to Tsali this year. It was still just as beautiful as ever, and I took shots at the same locations as last year.

Our ride the first day was cut short when young Blaine caught a log sticking out into the trail crashed going downhill. He was in a lot of pain so we took him to the hospital and sure enough -- broken collarbone. #1 injury of cyclists. Heck you're not a mtn biker unless you've broken your collarbone at least once. I did the same thing last year, on the first day, at Tsali. Luckily that was the worst of it. But unfortunately that meant no more riding for him.

Things went smoothly after that. Even the girls got to ride one of the downhills - part of the Thompson Loop. We shuttled them to the top and they rode back down to camp. Then we did it a few more times.

Here's a couple of video clips and some photos for you to enjoy. The photos just don't do it justice - this is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Sir Launch-a-lot doing what he does best:

Cory following Sir Launch-a-lot's lead:

Cory reaching the top after the steep switchbacks.

View of the blue mountains at a resting point. Hence the name, Blue Ridge Parkway.

Sir Launch-a-lot on the climb, with Blaine behind.

View of Lake Fontana.

Blaine, Cory, Sir Launch-a-lot.

The young apprentice practices his stoppie.

Sir Launch-a-lot resting by Finger Banger Log. Last year we startled a woman sitting on the log and fingering herself, hence the name.

Lake Fontana. Them are houseboats y'all kin stay at.

More gorgeous views of Lake Fontana.

Yours Truly, Sir Bikes-a-lot, hauling the RFX up the climbs. Don't I look like I was born to ride a mountain bike? WTF am I doing in Wilmington?

Sir Launch-a-lot hauls his 38lb freeride rig to the top. Because he can.

Cory coming down.

So serene and peaceful you just want to stay here forever.

View of Lake Fontana from lower elevation.

My other Turner. Like Will, he loved camping.

Hope you enjoyed it. Next year, come along with us.

-Sir Bikes-a-lot

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Google Earth (.kml) files and GPS eXchange (.gpx) files.
All Tsali loops: Left, Right, Mouse, Thompson. Part of Mouse Branch missing due to lost signal.

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