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Guerrila dirt jumps...

(updated: Dec 31, 2008)

So carved this jump into the hill across the street where there are unsold empty lots after the real estate market went bust. I just use it mainly to keep up my bike handling skills, and for something to do while I watch my kids play outside, or when Blue Clay is closed. The neighborhood kids run all over this one and trash it all the time, so I am constantly rebuilding it. It's mostly sand with some clay mixed in, so it falls apart easily, even when it rains. But when it's in good shape, it is so much fun.

I also built one in my yard from a pile of dirt I extracted when I put in a stone patio. The dog likes to dig this one up constantly. My wife doesn't like it either. I tell her about my plans to make the entire yard a pump track and dirt jumps and it doesn't go over too well. I even showed her the nice landscaped ones from but it still doesn't convince her.

I'm sure some people in the neighborhood don't care for my dirt jump but there's not much they can do. It looks good and enhances the place as far as I'm concerned. I've had one person say we need to get property values up again. I don't know what he was implying, but I think he, like most people, are still living in a fantasy-land of ever increasing home prices. I hate to bust your bubble, dude, but the next 20 years are going to look vastly different than the last 20.

As I play around like a kid while pondering the fact that I will turn 41 in a few days, I see the neighborhood children riding around in battery powered 4x4s and mini-Escalades. Meanwhile my three year old cruises by them on his bike. He started riding a PV Glider when he was about a year old, and could ride a pedal bike before he was three. Someday I'll build him a foam pit. A BMX track would sure be nice to have around here.

There's also another couple of jumps up the street, and a really long skinny across a drainage pond that's fun. So in the new year find yourself a scrap of empty space or lot in your neighborhood and dig yourself a dirt jump or two. Another good idea for an unused patch of urban land is for growing food - also known as guerilla gardening. And in 2009, expect more instigation from yours truly.

Meanwhile, enjoy this video...


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1. stephensquirrels said...

Way to go SBA! We all love your instigations and expect nothing less. Dirt jumps are good for your health.
I went for a ride around the neighborhood last night trying to stay awake before the big night. My conclusion... Bikes are so much fun! I was practicing my stoppies.
Great BMX clips. What about the one after the double back flips where the guy flys through the air and lands backwards on the big ramp and rides out. Too sweet!
Happy New Year to all the two wheeled feinds!

Jan 1, 2009 @ 9:22 AM

2. HaroShredder said...

Did I see that correct? A quadruple tailwhip at that Redbull is all I can say on that one.

Jan 1, 2009 @ 10:13 AM

3. Jmoney said...

I really liked the one where he tail whipped it, but then when it made it around, he kicked the bike and did a tail whip the other way.

Jan 1, 2009 @ 1:50 PM

4. B said...

I'm going to assume you get the Stuff You Should Know podcast? If you don't get it, there is a really interesting podcast on guerilla gardening.

Jan 7, 2009 @ 5:18 PM


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