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Roaring Creek Watershed Trail

(updated: Jul 7, 2010)

This is an 8 mile long gravel road trail located up the road from Elysburg, PA. You start at one end and go out and back for 16 miles total. There are mile markers posted. It is a great trail for families and beginners. At the start of the trail down a steep slope you can see what I assume is part of the Roaring Creek Resevoir. You can go fishing here. The trail then follows Roaring Creek and there are several offshoot trails off the main trail that go down to the water. I went down one to see a footbridge but I didn't go further so I don't know how far it goes past the creek.

When we started it was raining and my son had a blast riding through all the puddles. Since it's all gravel you can ride it when it's wet out. I'd love to ride it after a snowfall. I bet it would look really beautiful. It also was my wife's first ride on her new cruiser bike and she really enjoyed it. It has 27 speeds and a suspension fork so it was ideal for a trail like this that is not completely flat and smooth.

We stopped at a damn a little over halfway. At this point we turned around because Will was getting tired. He rode nearly 8 miles. Not bad for a 5 yr old.

This is recently built trail, and I think it's really great that they were able to build something like this here. It is a great benefit to the community and I hope people appreciate it because we have nothing like this here in Wilmington, NC. Maybe folks mistakenly assume that because we have the beach we don't need any woods, but there's no beach paths to ride or walk along either, which is a shame.


It's off of route PA 54. You head away from Elysburg and start going up into the hills. After a few miles of winding climbing road, you'll see Aqua Pennsylvania on your right. Right after this is the entrance on the left with lots of parking and a bathrooms. It looks like the parking area was built recently.

Some photos I took:

View of Roaring Creek. Not exactly roaring but you can see evidence of the recent flooding by all the piled up debris.

One of several footbridges off of the main trail.

Will rode nearly 8 miles.

Leslie enjoys her new cruiser bike.

Small waterfall.

There's a dam at the other end. Very tranquil.

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