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(updated: Apr 29, 2009)

Been a while since I posted. I've been busy, and tired as a result. So tired. I really needed to put everything aside and get a long day of riding in. FATS was the key. I had attempted a FATS trip three times this year and failed each time. But it had only strengthened my resolve and this time I was successful. If I'm going to live in Wilmington I'm going to have to make trips out west. That's just part of the deal.

I was accompanied by Mr. Glidebikes himself, and we set out from Wilmington shortly after 6am. We got to FATS close to 10:30am, and were on the trail soon after. The weather was beautiful. I took video of the one trail I didn't get to ride last time, which was Great Wall.

Trails were dry and starting to get dusty. You had to mind the corners for traction. One of the jumps got Ed. It was the one with the Danger sign. He didn't see it. A little scrapeage but not bad. We rode all of FATS and covered nearly 40 miles in 4 hours, with an hour break for lunch. Riding I felt really good and could have ridden another 4 hours. But we had to head back.

I'm heading out to FATS again as soon as I can make another deal, or maybe hit Dark Mtn and Uhwarrie first, two places I have not ridden but must.

Check the Trail Page for more on FATS, then check it out.

Trails ridden:
Great Wall 7.5 miles
Skinny 6.0 miles
Deep Step 5.0 miles
Brown Wave 5.8 miles
Big Rock 4.0 miles
Tower 3.8 miles
Connector 3.0 miles


Some sinkhole. There were a couple of these.

Much different looking from Fall which is the last time I was here.

Ed riding over a short log bridge. There was a lot of work done on these trails - a lot of large bricks and rock and broken slab brought in to reinforce parts of the trail. I believe they've spent well over $100k building these superb trails.

Can you tell me where this is?

FATS is smooth and very flowy. It is accessible to beginner riders, but don't fool yourself, you can still get stupid fast and eject yourself in some sections. Downhillers or dirt jumpers can have fun on this trail.

The Savannah River.

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1. Van-Go said...

Great pictures. I'd like to go here some time. I just keep thinking this place is a good 6 hours away - 4.5 isn't bad. Dark Mountain? Never heard of that - where is it? I rode all of Uwharrie last summer - is it near there?

Apr 30, 2009 @ 9:49 AM

2. seenvic said...

$100,000? Are you kidding me?

Over $300,000 spent to build FATS.

I wrote the grants and paid most of the bills with grant money. USFS kicked in about $100,000 of the total bill via some district funds and a $75K "Centennial Fund" grant they were running a few years ago. The rest of the ching came from the RTP and donations. Also, about 3,000 volunteer hours were done at FATS.

There are 35 miles of professionally built trail out there. At less than $10,000 per mile, with the signs it was a deal!

What a trail like FATS? Hire us.

Apr 30, 2009 @ 12:30 PM

3. SBA said...

Thanks for clarifying. That actually makes more sense, since I've heard figures of $10k per mile for trails in DuPont.

Heck yeah we want a trail like FATS. Can you build mountains?

Apr 30, 2009 @ 5:01 PM

4. Sir Peanuts said...

Hill Bill Victor! You've been watching us up here in Wilmington havn't you!

Apr 30, 2009 @ 8:04 PM

5. seenvic said...

FATS sits between 190' and 600ish' above sea level.
Not quite like real mountains?

But I doubt Wilmington has that much of an elevation change.

Austin...let me know when you are coming back. Sorry I was out of pocket last time you came down.

May 1, 2009 @ 12:49 PM


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