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Sand jump

(updated: Apr 5, 2012)

This weekend I was up at Topsail/Surf City with the family. Of course I brought the Pugsley. You can make a fun jump in about five minutes. Just make a big pile of sand and then pack it down. Wet the sand so that it packs down well. Then hit it. So between the bodyboarding, skimboarding, kite flying and beach volleyball, I did some riding and jumping. I also cleared a big hole about 10ft wide that the kids dug. So much for laying out on the beach. The Pugsley is a big attention getter, too. Everyone stares at you. I mean everyone.

In July sometime I am going to announce a ride from Ft. Fisher to Bald Head and back. On the sand. It's about a 16 ~ 17 mile round trip. Everyone is welcome to join, but it's going to be tough. Some of you may not make it. Good thing sand is easy to dig a hole in. I'm kidding. I will announce it soon when I find some free time and the tide is right. You definitely don't want to do it at high tide.

You don't need a Pugsley - you can use a 29er with some Schwalbe Big Apple tires, like in the pic below of my bro on my Redline Monocog Flight. They work really well.


Surly Pugsley sand jump

Surly Pugsley sand jump

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1. Brinker said...

I did that ride you speak of a few years back. We had this sick headwind on the way back, requiring the little ring. This is as close to a big mountain climb you can get in Wilmington! Lots of fun, especially tooling around baldhead, drafting golf carts.

Jun 19, 2009 @ 7:25 PM


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