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Every roadie should have one of these

(updated: Aug 27, 2006)

and mountain bikers as well. This is a great idea. Imagine getting run off the road or harrassed by some angry motorist. Now you can fight back by capturing what just happened.

The company which makes the product is called Deja View.

Here's how it works: The camera is always running. When something video worthy happens, like your buddy just did a face plant over a log, you just click a button and it captures the last 30 seconds of video.

The camera is very small and lightweight and you can put it just about anywhere. I don't know if there is a remote record button so that you can keep the device in your back shirt pocket.

Folks who ride on the road need any kind of help they can get. When you can't ride with others this could be that critical witness. Now if you get plowed over and can't press the button, the company also makes the Model 200 which records everything.

I would love to get hold of one of these. Actually I'd like a whole bunch to give out to the roadies around here so I can capture what it's really like to ride on the roads in Wilmington, or anywhere else, and make a short documentary to raise awareness of issues we face. However, money is tight right now so I'd need to get a sponsor or two. If you'd like to help out, please send me an email.

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