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Plantation Dr.

(updated: Jul 21, 2009)

Want an easy multi-use trail in Wilmington, NC? Here's's a gravel road in an undeveloped area of Wilmington. It's called Plantation Dr.

To get to it, park at the Food Lion on Market St. at Porter's Neck. Ride toward the apartment complex behind the Food Lion. You will see a dirt road on your left just before the entrance to the complex. Take this road and follow it. It will take you to Plantation Dr. and you can go left and follow this trail until you come to an intersection. You can keep going straight which will lead to Murrayville Rd. via a left onto Crooked Pine. Or you can make a left which will take you to Yvonne Rd. and back to Market St. through Greenview Dr. or Torchwood Blvd. Either way, you can get several miles of peaceful car-free riding.

Here's a map:

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Check out the pics below.

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1. sir burps a lot gave it:

rode in from murrayville rd and had a great time exploring crooked pine, plantation dr, and a bunch of un-named double tracks. lots of stuff to explore and this would be hella fun to 'group ride' at night with lights (anybody up for some evening cx training rides?). the portion of plantation dr that is west of the plantation/crooked pine intersection was flooded with many waist high holes of standing water (there was a sedan stuck up to the top of its wheel wells). highlight of the ride was when 2 babes rode by on horses. next time i'll take a camera.

Dec 24, 2009 @ 1:11 PM

2. Beachpig gave it:

I rode this trail this morning. A couple things to note: Plantation Dr is 2.6 miles from Food Lion access to Greenview Dr & Market st. Its 2.8 miles From Food lion access to Crooked Pine/Murrayville rd pavement. Not a bad ride but almost got my A.. bitten by two german shepards that chased me by the house shown in the pics. I would recommend taking the route to Greenview Dr & Market. Overall, not a bad ride!

Jul 26, 2009 @ 12:38 PM

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