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Geisinger Stewardship Trails

(updated: Jul 26, 2009)

These trails are located behind the Geisinger hospital in Danville, PA. It is close to where my mother-in-law lives. I go up with the family about twice a year, but I had never ridden these trails before. My loss. I had a blast here. It made me wish I worked at the hospital where I could hit the trails every day after my shift.

The way the trails start, there is no warm-up. You just go up and redline. I made the mistake of climbing the orange trails first. Maybe next time I climb the fireroad first and drop in.

I had no map with me, or gps. Luckily there were some small kiosks with a basic map. That helped, but I still got lost a few times before I figured out the lay of the land. The reason is that there are many other unmarked trails in addition to the ones on the map. Next time I will try to find a group to go with so I can learn a good route. Regardless, you will spend a lot of time climbing.

Trails were rocky in parts and the blue trails were the more technical ones. There were a couple of switchbacks so steep that even I think they should rework these, maybe just bench cut and extend them out a bit further.

My favorite trail was the yellow one. It was an easier climb with a great payback down the other side. You could ride this one either way and it's great. I had to do it a couple of times it was so much fun. The twists and turns of the new section were a blast. At the end there were two trees to go through spaced such that my handlebars couldn't fit through.

Link to trail Info, Map, etc..

I don't know the name of the club that manages the trails, but they sure put on a good race every year, and I just missed it! Tour de Tykes.

View looking north.

A zoomed in view. If you look closely to the right you can see the tops of the cooling towers of the Susquehanna nuclear power plant.

View looking south.

Trail sign. You can keep riding on doubletrack for miles outside the park.

The blue trail, hugging the hill.

Steep switchback on the blue trail.

Rocks on unmarked trail.

Fun play area off of the fireroad. This is either a 10ft drop to flat or near vert roll-in, depending on how crazy you are. I opted for the roll-in.

Another view of the mini-cliff.

The yellow trail.

Some FR action here too (taken from the Tour de Tykes website).

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1. 337 said...

Haven't been on these for a while.
Just recently starred hiking.

The unmarked trails are great and all end up intertwining.

Saw a sign with a bear picture today on one of the unmarked ones that met back up with the blue on the side by powdermill rd.
Anyone else notice this?

Aug 14, 2009 @ 11:53 PM


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