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Weiser State Forest MTB Trails

(updated: Aug 10, 2009)

I first rode these trails last year, at exactly the same time last year too, the 4th of July. The Rattling Creek SingleTrackers (RCST) does an annual 4th of July ride here. Last year it was raining and I was late to the ride because I had some trouble finding the spot. This year, however, the weather was absolutely ideal. I still had some trouble finding the meeting location, because the forest is large and I felt like I was driving on the forest roads forever. They are pretty steep as well and the van had a little trouble with traction in a couple of places.

I'm glad I hooked up with the RCST folks because they took me on a great route on trails I didn't ride the last time. Man, these are great trails. These are the kind of trails that will make you a good technical rider - slow technical is what I call it. The locals here are really good riders. I learned to ride in PA, and I believe that's why I'm such a solid technical rider. All rock, little flow, you have to work hard to make it through. Once you do it, you'll understand.

So at one point while rocking on nothing but rocks, I caught a large stick and it went into my back wheel and completely ripped out a spoke from the rim. The spoke then proceeded to wrap around behind the cassette, stopping the wheel from freewheeling. I was able to get it free with some help and then tie wrapped it to another spoke. The wheel was still true - a testament to Stan's (and Mike's) great notubes Flow rims.

The other great thing about running tubeless was that I had no flats - I distinctly remember bottoming the tire on the rim six times on these sharp rocks. Had I had tubes, I would have pinch flatted this many times. Other riders flatted. I don't think you can do a ride here without somebody flatting at least once.

The Rocks Ridge Trail was one of my favorite trails. In addition, I really enjoyed the Rattling Creek Trail - a 4 mile non-stop flow through the woods. The East Loop Trail is also a great more flowy loop with some rock gardens to keep you honest.

After four days of riding, the veins in my calves started to pop out again, like when I lived in CA. It felt awesome. If I lived nearby I would ride these trails until I turned into a bike riding monster.

Link to map, trail info.

Line? What line?

Choose your line wisely.

Overlook. This is a local handgliding launch site.

Rocks Ridge Trail.

Very Moab-like. I wish we had a rocks like this here.

If at first you don't succeed...

Try again...

Rattling Creek Trail.

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