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Tropical Storm Ernesto vs My Yard

(updated: Aug 31, 2006)

Pictures after one of the outer bands came through. It was a lot worse before I went out and pulled all the debris blocking the overwhelmed drain. I was starting to get worried. The water was actually over the street. Our house sits the lowest on the street so all the water drains here.

You can see where the water is going across the street. It drains into Futch Creek.

That mound of pine straw is from me trying to capture all the chunks of it floating away and pile it up. The water there is around 6" deep.

More flooding in my yard from the street.

Update 8/31/06, 10 PM EDT: We are in a tornado warning.

Red outline indicates tornado warning area.

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1. Blaine said...

Dang man that sucks but hey at least Will will have somthing to play in and you get to pul him out of the water like boat just like at tsali

Sep 14, 2006 @ 2:51 PM


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