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More Pisgah please...

(updated: Dec 6, 2009)

These are photos from day 3 and 4 of our annual Pisgah trip. Day 3 was quite a haul -- Park in lot just before Ranger Station, ride to Horse Stables, up Clawhammer to top, Buckhorn to South Mills River, S. Mills River to Squirrel Gap, Squirrel Gap to Mullinax, Mullinax to Turkey Pen Gap (at S. Mills River parking), Turkey Pen to Black Mountain, and Black Mtn all the way back to the car. I think this is about 40 miles, not really sure, but it was dark by the time we got back. We ran out of food, water, and light, but not stamina.

This was the first time on Turkey Pen Gap. It will likely be the last. This is a hike-a-bike. 600 ft elevation in 1/4 mile...forget it. And with all the leaves on the trail it was very difficult to walk up. You can go the other way from the top of Black Mtn but you still have to climb either way. Lot of climbing in Pisgah.

The next day, Monday, was a shuttle in the Grandfather district of Pisgah. We did the standard Raspberry-Ripshin-Headley run. That's pretty much all we had time for. Too many other trails there, it's time to hit some of those others next trip.

Horse Stables parking - start of Clawhammer. Clawhammer is a 6+ mile climb up a fireroad. I hammered it, spending about 50% of the time out of the saddle.

Small waterfall on South Mills River.

Suspended bridge at bottom of S. Mills River.

South Mills River...flowing fast.

Rider Jimmy on Squirrel Gap. I love this's great back country riding that doesn't just go straight up and down like most Pisgah trails.

Rider Ed on Squirrel Gap.

Squirrel Gap is very narrow. You definitely don't want to go off the trail here.

Rider Jimmy handles a stream crossing.

Lunchbreak on Squirrel, deep in the heart of Pisgah.

View from the trail. Squirrel Gap.

I took a photo of Ed hiking up the trail and you can't tell how crazy steep the grade is but we could barely get up this trail. We rode a lot of it, but it just kept going up and up and up.

View of Table Rock from the shuttle pickup spot on Hwy 181. Grandfather Mountain district of Pisgah National Forest.


Group shot on Raspberry.

Les on Headley.




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Google Earth (.kml) files and GPS eXchange (.gpx) files.
Park at Fish Hatchery on FS475. Shuttle up FS475B to FS225 to start of Cove Creek. Down Cove Creek to Caney Bottom to Cove Creek group camp area. Up FS475 to Long Branch. Down Long Branch to Butter Gap. Down Butter Gap to parking. Tracks incomplete - missing Butter Gap.

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