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Over Road, Trail, and Sand

(updated: Dec 13, 2009)

Here's some pics of a ride that Ed, Mike, and I have been doing on Sunday mornings. This is unique in that we ride the road, trails, and beach in one ride on the same bikes. That's something you can't do in most places, and you read about it here first. For this ride we start on Middle Sound Loop and work our way to UNCW. Then from UNCW to Wrightsville Beach. Ride the island and then head back to Middle Sound Rd. It is a 30 mile loop.

We tend to favor the 29ers, because with the balloon tires (we use the Schwable Big Apples) they go faster on the road, and the larger contact patch of the 29er still gives good traction on the trail, and spreads the weight over a larger area for better performance on the sand.

Recently I took my old Santa Cruz Chameleon frame and built up a beach bike using a Pugsley fork and tire. I used 32mm wide downhill rims and the big 4.0 tire fit just fine on the front. For the rear I used a Schwable Big Apple like on the 29ers because a 4.0 is not going to fit in any frame but a Pugsley frame. But even with just a front Pugsley tire it seems to work great even in deeper sand and is a lot lighter than the Pugsley.

Next spring/summer I'm going to put on a group ride where we start at Porter's neck, ride to Blue Clay, do a lap or two, head down to Ft. Fisher, ride to Bald Head, around Bald Head, and then back to Porter's Neck. I haven't mapped the ride out yet but I figure it will be around 110 miles of road, mountain, and beach riding, and will take the entire day. Long rides are what I'm about right now. Sound like fun? Let me know if you're interested.

The Green machine with Luna the trail dog.

Ed on his 29er @ UNCW, complete with aero bars for the road and to handle the often wicked headwind on the beach.

Michael on the log pile on his Redline 29er.

Me on the fine brick work that someone laid out at UNCW.

Off the end.

Nice to see a few new technical trail features at UNCW.

Back on the road headed to Wrightsville Beach.

Crossing the metal grate drawbridge. Easy for these bikes. Bad for road bikes.

All down the beach were rolling dips and small peaks that you could boost some air off of.

The other nice thing about Wrightsville at this time was the 3 - 4 ft drop that appeared. It may be gone by now. That's the cool thing about the beach -- it's constantly changing.
Me going up the drop.

Hitting the drop.

Or roll it.

Map of our route:

Click to enlarge.


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1. Bowen said...

glad to see people enjoy the brick skinny. one of the many SWEET hidden gems in the woods of UNCW. however this is the only one i can take responsibility for

Dec 14, 2009 @ 3:20 PM

2. sir lots a lot said...

gneiss adventure! great trip report

Dec 16, 2009 @ 8:57 PM


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