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Wilmington Cycling Update

(updated: Jan 21, 2010)

A few updates to tell you about... The first you may already be aware of but the big news this week is that CFSORBA has signed an MOU with NHC Parks. It is a big step forward in the working relationship between the county and the new club, and the county has been very positive.

The next step is to get it ratified by the County Commissioners. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and CFSORBA looks forward to making Blue Clay a premier off-road cycling destination.

Greg, pro-tem President of CFSORBA, signs the MOU in the NHC Parks office with Barry and Steve looking on.

CFSORBA also met with Brunswick County Parks last week, and is moving forward with getting an MOU established between the county and club. Approximately 6 miles of trails are already approved for use as biking trails in the newly established 900 acre Brunswick Nature Park near Leland. This Saturday several CFSORBA members will be checking out the proposed trails. If interested contact a CFSORBA officer, or just shoot me an email.

In addition, Leland has 23 acres behind Magnolia Greens on an old landfill with lots of small hills which could potentially be used for a pump track and dirt jump area.

The Wilmington Ciclovia is gaining traction again. The target date for the first one is April 25. I was actually on the news tonight talking about it. Check out WWAY: Sunday rides to replace Sunday drives?

The idea here is to take back a public road designed and built solely for automobiles and open it to bikes, walkers, joggers, rollerbladers and skaters, families and kids for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon...essentially turning it into a "living street" instead of the usual alien landscape for oversized mechanized transport.

The date has been tentatively set for April 25 and the section of road closed to automobiles will be 17th St. Extension. Joshua Mello of the WMPO will be taking the motion to the City Council and County Commissioners as they have the final say in whether this happens or not. Perhaps a letter writing campaign urging them to vote yes. We're also going to need a large number of volunteers to help make it run smoothly. This will become a regular occurrence in the spring/summer if all goes well.

The goal is to get more people out riding their bikes in a safe environment for fun, health, and increase cycling awareness which will lead to a more pro-cycling community after years of getting the short shrift when it comes to allocating resources toward cycling infrastructure.

The cycling community in Wilmington is growing, and we're becoming increasingly hard to ignore, and oh, we vote, too.

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1. Sir Peanuts said...

Count myself and Tse-Lynn in for Volunteering at the Ciclovia. Really excited to see this happen!

Jan 24, 2010 @ 9:30 AM

2. SBA said...

Wow, lot of negative comments about the proposed event...
Sunday rides article comments

I guess not so surprising because it is Wilmington we're talking about, but I thought it'd be a little more positive considering everyone I've talked to about it loves the idea (not just cyclists).

Jan 27, 2010 @ 11:26 AM

3. Sir Peanuts said...

Its hard to consider the anger some people are showing or the complete unwillingness by people to even consider to share the road. Its hard for me not to get angry. So all i can do is say education is the best cure. And it really is to. I just wish they wanted to learn.

Jan 28, 2010 @ 12:56 AM


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