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New HD Camera

(updated: Feb 21, 2010)

This is my latest camera, the one I've been waiting for for several years. Now the technology has advanced enough that Twenty20 has introduced the world's smallest High Definition 1080P wearable camera, the ContourHD 1080P.

The ContourHD 1080P.

I recently got hold of one of these new babies and did some filming. I am pretty impressed overall with the quality of the video.

This is some of the riding I did from last week.

Riding in Wilmington from Sir Bikes on Vimeo.

The company also makes several mounting options, from a goggle mount to a standard 1/4"-20 tripod screw. They even offer a waterproof enclosure option.

Everything is self-contained. There are no wires or battery packs or anything. That's the entire thing. The Li-Ion battery lasts three hours and I bought a 16GB microSD card which will record about 2.5 hours of HD 1080 video.

Editing compressed HD video is a bit more challenging. In order for me to edit and not have choppy video, I had to transcode the camera output into a more edit friendly format. I use Apple ProRes 422 which works really well.

An inner tube perfectly counterweights the camera, and comes in handy if you get a flat.

The camera also has two lasers used to align the camera. You just rotate the lens until the two beams are horizontal. It has a sliding switch on top to start/stop recording. Easy.

Normally, I've always mounted cameras on the side and counterweighted the opposite side for maximum stability. But this camera being so light I may try mounting on the top of the helmet to see if I can get my handlebars in the view. I'll post some more info about different setups as I learn more.

Overall I am impressed with how light the setup is given the high image quality. It sure beats wearing a full camera on your head (my previous setup). Those days are gone now.


Here are some still frames captured from the camera:

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