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New Video of Blue Clay

(updated: Jun 1, 2010)

Haven't made a video of Blue Clay for a while, at least a non-race one anyway. The last one was years ago. You should check it out just to see how much it's changed over the years. Blue Clay Videos. Click the one titled: Blue Clay Video.

Anyway, I put this together to get people psyched up for the race this coming Sunday. We do this ride on Sunday mornings where we ride to Blue Clay, do a lap or two, and then ride home. We are usually the first to get there, but on this particular day Billy had already ridden to the park and done two laps by the time we got there. There are a few hidden things in the video, but you'll have to figure them out on your own.

Wilmington-BlueClay from Sir Bikes on Vimeo.

A few stills:

Meet the band:



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1. Erik said...

Really enjoyed that - thanks Erol.

Jun 2, 2010 @ 7:04 AM

2. billy said...

i cleared all the spider webs!

Jun 4, 2010 @ 10:46 AM


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