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Topsail Island

(updated: Jul 16, 2010)

No new videos this week but I have five in the pipeline, three from my trip to VA and PA. I can only work on them for about an hour every other night, plus I'm watching the Tour so that takes away some more time. Maybe I should quit my job and become one of those bloggers that post incessantly all day long... Nah, I'd rather focus on riding places and creating original content like my videos. Plus I'd go broke.

In the meantime enjoy these pics from a recent ride at Surf City/Topsail with the Pugsley. I'll probably ride out there Sunday morning at low tide if anyone is interested. It's a long island.


Surf City Pier

View from south end of island looking toward Lea Island

And one from earlier in the year...

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1. Gary Bode said...

We've never considered biking on the beach. Sounds like a great day and another way to experience it. Thanks for the idea.

Aug 13, 2010 @ 12:42 PM


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