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Interbike 06

(updated: Oct 6, 2006)

Sep 25-29 --

Ed and I had a booth at Interbike for the PV Glider this year. We used it as sort of a early market test and gauge for demand. And yes, we wanted to get a lot of orders too. These types of learning bikes are very popular in Europe. It's how they teach their kids. In America, they just go to the local Mal-Wart and buy a cheap bike with training wheels knowing that once they learn how to ride they can take the training wheels off and have a bike to ride that they'll outgrow anyway. But that misses the whole point - training wheels do not teach kids anything. It is only when they take the training wheels off that the value of our product hits them like a brick in the head.

Anyway, the two days before the show opens are demo days. This takes place at Bootleg Canyon in Henderson, NV. This is where you can try just about any bike your heart desires. All the bike manufacturers are there, with some notable exceptions such as Trek, with their top-of-the-line equipment. You are like a kid in a candy store. There was only a couple of bikes I really wanted to ride, the Turner Highline, of course, and the Surly Pugsley. Anything else was gravy.

The trails were decent - same as I remember them. Very exposed, dry and loose, with jagged rocks that will shred you if you crashed. It's great to have such a trail system so close to a major city. Thank the mountain bikers who made it possible and prevented it from turning into yet another golf course.

So here are a lot of pics I took and some video clips too. Heck, let's start with the video clips because those are pretty cool.

Video clips:

Gap drop. I passed on this for many reasons.

Another one of the gap drop.

Lance from Canfield says hi on the drop.

The bmx track.

Another one of the bmx track.


The Turner Highline. It had the same balanced and neutral handling characteristics typical of Turner Bikes. Climbed well too. The SRAM Totem fork is seriously beefy with 40mm stantions, but is way expensive at an MSRP of $1100. The Fox DHX 5 shock was good, but I like the Cane Creek Double Barrel way better.

View of the peak of Bootleg Canyon.

Coming down the fireroad from the peak. Trails start on either side.

Exposed singletrack. You can't get shade anywhere here.

Gap drop shot.

The bmx track.

The Surly Pugsley. I loved this bike. Those huge tires go right through gravel piles and sand. I want one for riding on the beaches here in Wilmington.

The Pugsley on a downhill trail. I had to be careful going down because the seatpost was jacked way up and couldn't be lowered because it was seized. Some guy passed me and proceeded to endo in front of me. Not something you want to do because you're a big mozarella ball in a giant cheese grater here.

Ed on the teeter-totter:

The skills area:

Me next to the teeter-totter:

Me riding the teeter-totter on a very sweet Maverick ML-8:

Ed on the XC trails:

Another shot:

More XC trails:

View of Lake Mead:

Ed coming around the bend:

Ed waving:

Interbike Photos:

Our budget booth:

Kids love the PV Glider:

Another shot of our booth:

Stan's notubes booth:

Stan - successfully stabbing tires for over 6 years:

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1. CranxOC said...

Someone should tell Stan that his goop only works for about a week before it becomes useless! :)

How about those orders? You didn't tell us how that went.

Oct 3, 2006 @ 9:27 PM

2. Sir Bikes-a-lot said...

Well we didn't get the 500 orders we were thinking. We sold all seven bikes at the show and took orders for about 10 more - I haven't seen all the order forms so it could be more. Contrast that with the newly reborn Sinister Bikes, which got orders for 700 bikes plus potential licensing deals.

Oct 4, 2006 @ 6:55 AM

3. Corey said...

That looks like some fun riding. Thats kool you got some oreders for your pvglider.

Oct 4, 2006 @ 3:21 PM


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