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Sheriff’s Office Incorporates Bikes Into Patrol

(updated: Nov 18, 2010)

Think they'll do some training and conditioning at Blue Clay?

From the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office today:

Sheriff Ed McMahon has added bicycles to the Patrol Division at the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office has purchased ten bikes from Two Wheeler Dealer and incorporated them into various components of the Patrol Division. The bikes will be used for community policing, area schools, parks, festivals, and other special events that require law enforcement presence.

The bikes will allow the Sheriff’s Office to cut down on the amount of Deputies needed for special events due to the fact that two Deputies can cover more area on bikes than four Deputies on foot. The bikes also will serve as a stealthy tool to allow Deputies to move quietly through a neighborhood they may be experiencing break-ins.

Sheriff Ed McMahon stated that, “This is a good way for us to use green technology to help increase our community patrols and it’s great exercise for the Deputies”.

Full press release here:
Sheriff Ed McMahon incorporates bikes into patrol

See Two Wheeler Dealer's Brian Rouix on TV:
NewHanoverSO's Channel

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1. Angela By Bike said...

Hopefully they're hooked up with IPMBA for good training. They should also get in touch with police in Central Point, Oregon as a resource for how to get even more bang for the public dollar and use those bike police to help teach bike safety to kids in schools, too. This is great to see.

Dec 3, 2010 @ 11:13 AM


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