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Pisgah Gathering Oct 06

(updated: Oct 6, 2006)

Sep 29 - Oct 1 --

After a whirlwind week of Interbike I flew from Las Vegas into Charlotte. My plan was to immediately drive the 2 hours to Brevard and go riding. My overnight flight was good though I couldn't get any sleep (it's so hard for me to sleep on a plane). But I did get to shake hands with President Jimmy Carter, who was on my flight from Vegas to Atlanta. So that was pretty cool.

However, when I landed in Charlotte my bags didn't arrive, and without my clothes I wouldn't be able to ride. I did have some extra stuff in the car but I would have to find some pedals, a helmet, gloves, and a few other things to be able to ride. The next flight was coming in at 9:45am and I decided to wait to see if the bags showed up, otherwise I was going to have them sent home to Wilmington and I would just skip the gathering and drive home.

Just before 10am one of my bags showed up. The other was missing and I thought it was stolen because it was a box containing an electric scooter I traded a couple of gliders for. I didn't have time to pack it into another box or diguise the contents. But they told me that it would come in later at 4pm and they would forward it to Wilmington and deliver it to my house. Cool. I was all set.

So by 10am I was on the road to Brevard. The weather was perfect, and when I got there I was on the trail within an hour. Despite being completely drained from a week in Vegas and up for 30 hours straight I found enough reserve energy to climb a few miles. In fact, I motored up the mountain so fast that I was able to take a short nap at the top. The climb seemed effortless and my bike just felt great. What's up with that?

After another really steep technical climb we reached the start of Black Mountain and it was all downhill from there. Such a sweet downhill, too. Lots of roots, rocks and hairpin turns to check your speed. I love this kind of riding because it's technical yet still fast, and you're in the woods with the trees whizzing by which makes it seem faster. After being in Vegas and baking in the treeless Bootleg Canyon, you realize shade is a totally underrated and wonderful thing.

After the ride we got some good Sushi for dinner and hung around the campfire. A couple of beers later I passed out and don't remember much until I woke the next morning. Actually, I do remember Brad snoring because, (1) it was loud enough to wake me, (2) I thought, "man, that's got to be doing some serious damage to his vocal chords or something", and (3) it was really loud.

The next morning I felt great and after breakfast it was time to get in another ride. A nice thing about the campsite was that even though I only got couple of rides in I could ride right from camp. No loading up, driving, or shuttling.

When I was done, I packed up and hit the road. I felt so good. I mean I was really pumped. Man, I love Brevard. I want to move here.

Here are the photos I managed to take:

Fireroad climb to Black Mtn.

Jamie on the way up to Black Mtn.

Brad on the screamin' Banshee.

Hanging around the campfire. I will be asleep in very short order.

A campsite is not complete without a glowing pink flamingo.

Up grass road to the start of Sycamore.

Stream crossing at the bottom of Sycamore. Rider: Jamie.

Bottom of Sycamore. Rider: Tony.

You can't ride a bike here and not have a smile on your face.


Climbing out. 29'ers are becoming very popular. I would like to build one for racing and XC riding.

Near the start of lower Black Mtn.

And finally, one video. This is end of upper part of Black Mountain. Gives no indication of how good this trail is but what the heck.

I'm going back in another week for some more awesome riding.


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Google Earth (.kml) files and GPS eXchange (.gpx) files.
Park at Fish Hatchery on FS475. Shuttle up FS475B to FS225 to start of Cove Creek. Down Cove Creek to Caney Bottom to Cove Creek group camp area. Up FS475 to Long Branch. Down Long Branch to Butter Gap. Down Butter Gap to parking. Tracks incomplete - missing Butter Gap.


1. Blaine said...

man i got to go there. After breaking my coller bone ive been a little hesitent but im ready to go now. O yea sweet little ending \\\"Peace\\\" i like it, it suits you well. Hahahaha just messin with ya

Oct 12, 2006 @ 11:53 AM


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