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UNCW campus trails - controlled burn

(updated: Feb 15, 2011)

Went riding tonight at UNCW, only to discover that they had just completed a controlled burn on a section of the woods where some of the trails are. Parts were still on fire and generating A LOT of smoke. Every time I don't bring my camera with me I wish I had, so I made the best of it and took some pictures with my low-res phone.

So I guess I breathed in enough smoke to make me nauseous and dry heave on the trail. You can reap the benefit of my example of stupidity and not ride there for another day or two.

There was no one out here and it was still burning. I wish I were here earlier when it was really going...would have made for some killer video riding through burning woods, damn the consequences.

I kept thinking it would be cool if it were part of a forestry class where they gave students flamethrowers and let them run amok. That's a class I'd want to take. But I hope it's nothing more than just a periodic controlled burn and not preparation for something else in UNCW's master plan of total environmental domination of campus parking proportions.


Crappy iPhone photos:

Anyone got some marshmallows?

Damn, that was my log ride!

I like this one with the moon above the burning tree with the embers.

This dead tree is giving the finger to the university.

I think my tires melted a little. I kept having really bad traction afterward.

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Google Earth (.kml) files and GPS eXchange (.gpx) files.


1. peter said...

uh...bringing a composite bike into a fire?....
the longleaf needs fire for it to continue its cycle....all those pine cones need the fire to bust them open and disperse seeds, if you are curious about longleaf ecosystems, read any of janisse ray's books (e.g ecology of a cracker childhood, wild card quilt) and maybe george haydukes, "heat tempering of high modulus carbon".

Feb 17, 2011 @ 5:04 AM


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