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Camping at Warrior Creek - loads of pics

(updated: Jun 8, 2011)

Last minute camping trip this past weekend to Warrior Creek. I got everything lined up so I can just throw it all in the car and go. It's actually a really good idea, especially if you live here by the coast where a major hurricane can strike.

So here's the van all loaded up. It's so loaded that there's very little space between the rear wheels and wheel well. Probably have to get some stiffer shocks and springs when these wear out.

Temps were pretty hot during the day, around 90, but down in the 60's at night, so sleeping outdoors was just fine. The campsites are nice but offer little shade during the day, so after riding it's off to the swim beach.

I had so much fun riding Warrior Creek trails, swimming with the kids, fishing and kayaking that I never even made it over to Dark Mountain.

There's some new trail at Warrior Creek. It's all really good, fast and flowy. I like to rip the descents and take it easy on the climbs. This is Kenny on the first rock garden.

I was sitting here taking photos of our group coming down, and one of them took the bypass, and I yelled at him that he was supposed to stay right. He apologized, and then I realized he was some other rider and wasn't part of our group.

Rider: Richard, on a Tang RIP 9. Lots of Niners out here, mostly the hardtail kind.

Rider: Fred.

After the rock garden is a couple of tight switchbacks.

Look how these turns are perfectly bermed. It's like it's been sculpted.

Rider: Jamie, on my favorite bermed section. You know what I am talking about.

I kept having to hit the brakes on this section otherwise I'd overshoot the berms. I would like them to go vertical, with gaps at the top.

Here is that bridge built over a rock.

A buzzard putting the railing to good use. Maybe it's a raven, and maybe railings are for the birds. "Nevermore".

Looking down.

Looking the other way. Rider: Jamie.

View of lake from bridge.

Rider: Richard, on the group campsite overlook.

This overlook...

Hot out here.

The trail beckons...

After the ride, beer is drunk (by mountain bikers, not roadies, which incidentally is how you can ferret out an undercover roadie). This particular brand has become the beer of choice of hipsters, but before hipsters, it was drunk by many mountain bikers. And long before mountain bikers, it was the staple diet of lots of hippies in the 70's, along with mud cakes. The common theme here being that the beer sucked back then, and still sucks now.

My tired trail dog who decided to bail on me before the end. I rode back up the trail to look for her and later found her back at the campsite. How she found her way there I will never know. Sneaky little thing.


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1. peter said...

jim horton is the man when it comes to trail sure helps when you have one of those ditch witch trail building machines...and a lot of volunteer turnout all the time.......thanks for the shoutout to pbr

Jun 8, 2011 @ 3:19 PM

2. Robin said...

SBA, Are these primitive camp sites? I'm thinking of taking the kids back to Davidson River, but I might go here instead.


Jun 11, 2011 @ 6:58 AM

3. Michael said...

Great pics E. I hate that we couldn't go this time but thanks for sharing. Do you have any photos of the campsite and kids riding that I can show the fam.?

Jun 11, 2011 @ 6:59 AM

4. Bill said...

Nice work. Framed the trail, the area, the fun and the refreshment perfectly.

Jun 13, 2011 @ 3:47 PM

5. Dave said...

We were there in mid May. Temps were much more tolerable. Trails there are unbelievable. Ready to go back in the fall. Only bad part was the dead battery in the truck on Sunday morning which could not be jumped. Woody towed it to Wayne's house (very much off the beaten path) and stated that Wayne was alright and would not shoot us. While Wayne and I worked to get the truck started, Ruby, his mother, sat under a shade tree with Nick and talked surgical procedures. We sampled some fresh picked cauliflower before being escorted to Advance Auto for a new battery. So if you ever get stuck in N Wilkesboro, ask the guys at Advance Auto for Wayne's number.

Jun 14, 2011 @ 6:00 AM

6. SBA said...

Camp sites have water and electric, and run $22 per night. Most are pretty large - for campers, trailers, etc. Finding a shady one in the summer is challenging.

Jun 14, 2011 @ 8:27 PM


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