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2011 FAC Ride ~ the video ~

(updated: Jul 13, 2011)

Finally finished the FAC ride video. The ride was really good this year. We timed the tide perfectly, such that any mountain bike would work, no special tires required. It was also 10 degrees cooler this year, which makes a big difference. And the wind was in the right direction as well - headwind on the way down, and tailwind coming back when you are tired.

We started at 7am and were back by 3pm, with a stop on Bald Head for lunch and a little sightseeing. Not bad for 5 riders covering 100 miles on mountain bikes.

There was some controversy about accessing Bald Head, which is a private island, from the beach, but we had no issues. Apparently there have been reports of people riding Quads from Ft. Fisher to Bald Head, despite clearly posted signs and it being a wildlife preserve area with like, turtles and birds and stuff.

And there were no problems with bad or rude drivers, really. A few scary road sections, but you do what you gotta do to stay safe and I just took the lane in those cases.

So the video is fairly short, because the Tour is on and how much of the road biking can you watch? And there was only one crash that I caught the end of, compared to this year's Tour's 1,387 crashes so far. You know you only watch it for the crashes. Oh wait, that's Nascar, sorry.


2011 Wilmington FAC Ride - 100 miles of road, dirt, and sand

2011 Wilmington FAC Ride from Sir Bikes on Vimeo.

Music: DeadMau5

If video above is no longer available, click here.

Some photos:

Rider: John.

John attacks a golf cart.

Rider: Tim.

Old Baldy.

John attacks a boardwalk.

SBA attacks the sand, and loses. You can see my teeth.

Rider: Tim.

Ft. Fisher pavilion and park offices. You're not even halfway done at this point. You refuel here. If you don't, you suffer later and then we might have to dig a hole in the sand and bury you.

Rider: Michael.

Rider: Tim.

Rider: John.

Greetings from Bald Head.

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1. Brinker said...

Thanks Erol!

Really enjoyed the day with you fellas; epic, enjoyable, diverse ride. We should do it again early fall. Great job on the video too; like a good punk rock song - short, sweet, left me wanting more!

Jul 21, 2011 @ 10:18 PM

2. Michael said...

I was just thinking the same thing.......ready to do it again soon. It was definitely a great day, thanks E for planning and posting. Anyone reading this should try to join the next ride too. Lots of fun!

Jul 22, 2011 @ 5:19 PM

3. sir sleeps-a-lot said...

fac riders check out this interesting ride going down here in nc:

Jul 29, 2011 @ 3:12 PM


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