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Allegrippis Trail System

(updated: Jul 30, 2011)

Located near Huntingdon, PA, these trails were machine built by IMBA's professional trail building company, Trail Solutions. The 40 mile trail system was completed a little over two years ago. It is the sister trail to F.A.T.S., which was also built by the same company and is also 40 miles in total trail length. They are very similar, and in a few loops you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between them.

They were designed to accommodate riders of all abilities, and feature "stacked loops" which means that one or more loops are attached to each other, so that you can just do one loop, or hit the next loop, and the next one after that, etc. So you can put together a ride as short or as long as you want. Also, the trail surface for the most part is smooth and bermed, such that you are never going around a corner off-camber -- you're bike is still perpendicular to the trail surface.

This is a welcome trail in PA, where traditionally the terrain is very tough, slow-going and technical with roots, rocks, and mud. It is a nice change of pace, and will definitely open mountain biking up to a wider audience. Whether that is good is a matter of opinion. I, of course, think that's fantastic. The more folks out biking is always a good thing.


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