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24 Hours of Pisgah 06 Videos

(updated: Oct 23, 2006)

Here are some of the video clips taken by Brad of the 24 Hours of Pisgah race. I still have two more tapes to go through, including my first lap. These are individual clips. I'm going to combine a lot of this footage with the others and make a video when I can find the time.

So check out these for now. I started to identify the team numbers but many were too hard to read and it was taking a long time to figure them out so I stopped. If you see yourself let me know which video and your team and I'll add the info. Just send me an email.

Many clips didn't make the cut. If you go too slow, walk your bike, dab too long or stop, you didn't make it. You automatically make it if you are fast, clean it, crash trying to clean it, crash, swear, or are female.

You can also see these videos by clicking on the Ride Index or Video Gallery.

In the interest of time I am posting a link to a page with all the videos instead of copying individual links and thumbnails here.

24 Hours of Pisgah Video Clips

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