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Beech Spring Mountain Bike Park ~ Video ~

(updated: Oct 23, 2011)

This was another trail that I got to do a couple of weekends ago when I was in Charlotte. Actually, it was Concord, and this trail was three miles or so from where I was staying. So at first I was planning on just riding to the trailhead, but then I saw the roads and drivers and decided it was better that I just stay alive and drive, rather than cross a busy overpass with no bike lane and nowhere to go. This trail is very close to the Charlotte Motor Speedway, and isn't Charlotte the headquarters of Nascar? They like their cars and they like driving fast.

So I arrived at the trailhead early, around 7am or thereabouts. Not surprisingly I was the only one there at that time. So I started riding. I planned on riding all the loops for a good 10 mile ride. But I started finding a bunch of technical features to play on. It was fun. You could ride this place on a freeride bike or a XC race bike, even a unicycle.

The trails were easy to follow, thanks to generous signage. The singletrack was very tight and packed in. I guess it's not a huge piece of property, but made good use of the space and terrain.

So after I finished and got back to the parking lot, I met a guy named Kit. I told him I was doing some filming and he gave me the history of the trails, and then hit me with a bomb ... these trails were going away. Crap! I just discovered them, and video'd everything, and now this will be the last time I will ride them. He said that there was going to be a big last group ride at 11am. I couldn't hang around however.

These trails were some of the oldest singletrack in the Charlotte area, going back to the mid-1980's (if I recall correctly what Kit said). They were first motorcross trails, like a lot of older mountain bike trails. They are private trails, with the owner living right across the street. But unfortunately, the owner died recently, and I guess his family is now selling the land to the rock quarry just down the road. So, it looks like the woods will be turned into a giant barren pit, so that Charlotte can build more roads.

If you are in the Charlotte area in the immediate future, and enjoy natural and man-made technical features, check out these trails. But contact first to check whether they are still open for riding before going.

More trail info here including a map.

...And meanwhile enjoy the video.

If video above is no longer available, click here.

Trail kiosk at parking lot/trailhead:


Silhouette of myself:

Tightly packed singletrack. There are four "lanes" of singletrack in this photo. Can you see them all?

Your highlighted launch pad. This one even has a lander.

Another trail feature:

On top of a big rock, with ladder drop on right:

This thing has danger signs on it.

This rock is larger than it appears.

Some rocks on the trail. You know how I feel about rocks.

The Gravity Cavity:

Here's Devil's Drop:

This is from the top:

This is from the bottom looking up. Note the trash bag filled crash barrier on the left that's seen better days. There's another further up.

This is actually a unicycle skills course. I figured something was whack when sections just stopped and then continued two feet to the side, or turned at right angles with steps.

Sunrise at Beech Spring.

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1. sct555 said...

Love your videos! Thanks

Oct 24, 2011 @ 5:14 PM

2. Joey D said...

If memory serves me correctly, this is where Damon Bradshaw learned to ride Motorcross back in the day. It's a shame if they really sell it to the rock quarry. This was one of the first trails I ever rode after getting into the sport in the mid 90's. I guess it's time to revisit before it's gone forever :(

Oct 24, 2011 @ 11:21 PM


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