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Local rider videos

(updated: Nov 27, 2011)

Here are some short videos that friends and others have sent over the past couple of weeks. I thought I'd just combine them all here.

First, and foremost, Billy attempts to ride a long stack of bike boxes at Two Wheeler Dealer. I believe he did make it, but that isn't nearly as funny as these two attempts:

Next up, here's Billy again at a recent cyclo-cross race in Charlotte, NC. See, this is what happens when you remove all obstacles at Blue Clay. With nothing to practice on at the local course, Billy cannot develop his skills. But he does do a perfect somersault, and cleaned it every time except this one. But again, those aren't nearly as entertaining.

Here's Ed from a few years ago during his freeride days, riding in Lynn Woods, MA, splitting his pants open on a drop. This place has some sick rock drops.

And finally, this is from James, who unicycles at Blue Clay. I've never seen a 29er unicycle before until I met him a couple of weeks ago at the pump track.

Got local ride video or video of a local rider that you'd like to share? Email me using the link at the bottom of the page.


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1. bring it said...

Billy is in love, with his bike seat.

Dec 10, 2011 @ 9:23 AM


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