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A New Perspective on Mountain Bikers

(updated: Oct 30, 2006)

Brad forwarded this link to me today:

Weekend Edition Saturday, October 28, 2006 - This fall, millions are taking to the trails on their mountain bikes. Just a few years ago mountain bikers were considered a menace by hikers and environmentalists. But the view is changing.

Another important fact to point out is that mtb clubs build and maintain trails and have turned once neglected woods that were often hang-outs for gangs, drug addicts and other unlawful people into pristine, safe outdoor places. Examples include Lynn Woods in MA which used to be a hangout for Hells Angels, and Essex County parks in northern NJ (sorry can't seem to find the article) which wasn't safe to go into until mtn bikers started to clean it out and build trails there.

Other trails and parks built by mtn bikers include:

Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT

Santos Trail, Belleview, FL

Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, NV

The Blue Clay property also has a history. We spoke with one of the adjacent property owners who had run-ins with illegal hunters. I think the original trail builders had at least one serious conflict as well. Earlier this year I had some trouble with motocross folks who "discovered" the cleared-out trails and started riding them. Hopefully this is all behind us. I want this to be a fun, safe place for adults and kids to ride. Just watch out for the alligator by the swamp there.

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