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Some sick videos...

(updated: Dec 20, 2011)

Here are the videos I've been watching this week, courtesy of friends and facebook...

The first is of a trail that I would never ride. Yes, even Sir Bikes-a-lot has his limits, and it's right here in this video. It's not that I can't ride this stuff, it's just that it's like 100 ft off the ground, and I do not like heights. I don't even think I would walk this. If I did, I'd probably be clinging to the side of the cliff.

I'm not afraid to admit it, I am freaked out by shit like this.

Next is a killer FR video from SecondBase Films:

This is some of their new stuff, From the Inside Out, which just came out:

And finally, the progression of bmx riding by Drew Bezanson:

Love it...

Here, ride this...

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1. Patrick said...

Here is a link to some really nice helmet cam footage on vimeo.

Dec 22, 2011 @ 3:46 PM


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