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When you ride wet trails...

(updated: Jan 30, 2012)

When you ride wet trails, you slip on roots. When you slip on roots, you decide that those roots don’t belong there, and you chop them out. When you chop them out, you piss off people that know how to ride. When you piss people off that know how to ride, they cut your crabon bike in half with a hacksaw. When your crabon bike is cut in half with a hacksaw, you cry because you spent all your money on fancy crabon, and have to stop riding. When you stop riding, you start running. When you start running, you realize that the trail where you chopped out the roots is eroding. When the trail starts eroding, it starts to expose even more roots. When more roots get exposed, you trip over the newly exposed roots. When you trip over these roots, you land on your face. When you land on your face, you knock out your teeth. When you knock out teeth, you look like an idiot. When you look like an idiot, people don’t want to associate with you. When people don’t want to associate with you, you become a loner. When you become a loner, you start to think weird thoughts. When you think weird thoughts, you start arguing with yourself in public. When you argue with yourself, they put you away in an institution.

Don’t be that guy. Avoid wet trails and let the roots be, especially on the “advanced garbage mound” section (plus they hold in all that garbage and noxious fumes underneath, too).

Chopping out roots = Deciding what kind of experience all other users should have based on your personal opinion. Congrats, you've earned the sir bikes-a-lot FU Seal of Disapproval.

It's now happening at Brunswick Nature Park. From Austin, VP Cape Fear SORBA:

Cape-Fear-Sorba Facebook page

Someone has removed quite a few roots on the intermediate trail at Brunswick. It was done sometime between 1-25-12 and 1-27-12.There are very few roots on this trail as is. Some of the roots taken out presented a little challenge to maneuver around or over, now that challenge is gone. Please do not remove any more roots at BNP without checking with Greg Brinson. Please do not remove any more roots at Blue Clay without checking with Brannon Thompson. Brannon is trail coordinator at Blue Clay and Greg is the trail coordinator at BNP. Decisions to remove roots are made by the trail care crew on workdays ,website forum discussions or at club meetings. Cape Fear SORBA has written MOU agreements with both counties and no one should be working on either trail without permission from one of the trail coordinators.

If you can't handle roots, then may I suggest this place: Smith Creek Park off of Harris Ave. It has a nice smooth paved path around a lake. Knock yourself out.

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1. Corey said...

If any one would like to pay for a clinic on how to either ride roots or build properly using roots please feel free to call me at 315-750-6217! I enjoyed the article extensively!

Jan 29, 2012 @ 9:01 PM

2. mike said...

Sooo. The ROOT of the problem is that there are IDIOTIC people who need to be INSTITUTIONALIZED, and they carry SHARP tools... and they hang out on MTB trails. Yikes!
But I guess it's still safer than riding on the ROADS around here.

Jan 30, 2012 @ 7:21 AM

3. James I. Smith said...

No big deal, but I ride a unicycle, and I am not the greatest at this pursuit. If I can ride over roots on one wheel, then I do not understand why someone with a training wheel needs to manicure ground cover to suit their own skill level. I have two outdoor wildlife cameras that I would be happy to lend you if you are interested in catching the root-slayers on film. Call me at 619-3102.

The folks who maintain the paths need to post signs explaining how hard they work at cutting trails and satisfying the county parks departments. Maybe then you could enlighten the selfish perpetrators who act with total disregard to the efforts of others.

Jan 30, 2012 @ 1:28 PM

4. peter said...

i believe the "douche bag of the week award " needs to be reinstated.....i think i held that title for a couple of weeks myself, but not for cutting roots, or altering trail.

Jan 30, 2012 @ 3:29 PM

5. David said...

I believe the root in question was making riders ride around the the root and widening the trail causing erosion and I believe it was removed by the trail care crew. It is sad that so many people complain about the trails and never show up for work days. Some riders are doing things like riding at night and building unauthorized log piles and other things then posting it on public sites. Good way to get the park closed for everyone. Why not go to the county and try and get the hours changed or show them how other parks have some rock gardens,log piles or other trick stuff instead of just complaining about it.

Flame suit on !!

Jan 30, 2012 @ 6:21 PM

6. Chris said...

I am from Brunswick County but have retired military in north Lousiana. We have a very big root problem on our trail here but chose to leave them due to what I think we all agree is a challenge. Also roots from a natural water channel. Leave them alone and learn to ride over them. Helps alot folks. Any of my NC brothers want to ride some trails here we would love to share. Really good trails guys.

Jan 31, 2012 @ 2:14 PM

7. Eye said...

knew this mini series wasn't finished! Looks like we are going to have a more challenging series at Brunswick compared to the faster one at Blue Clay. Clinic would be awesome! WECT could come too. This is a wickid hot show everywhere!

Feb 1, 2012 @ 2:55 AM

8. Michael said...

I happen to enjoy riding at night, building log piles(and riding over them), riding over roots that are in the middle of the trail, showing up for work days, and complaining about how the intermediate and advanced sections at Blue Clay are turning into one big beginner section. I think that the point here is that many people in addition to the trail crew have contributed their time and energy to help make Blue Clay Park fun for all. It is important that the park remains to be fun for ALL and not just cater to the needs of some. I am guilty of not attending the SORBA meetings so I guess I need to start there and suggest that we reinstitute the concept of multiple trail sections to accommodate various skill levels.

Feb 1, 2012 @ 10:30 PM

9. just sayin' said...

Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world...where little issues like this one are a cause for such argument. I would like to think that people don't just go about things just to upset others...I personally wouldn't take the time it takes to remove roots just to piss people off..I have better things to do. don't we all? roots or no roots, somebody is going to be unpleased, it's the selfish nature of human..I'm not on either side of this, I just wonder if we stopped the sarcasms and started communicating then maybe we could reach a common goal...or is our pride bigger than we think...what's up people!!!!!!!stop the drama, ride more and complaint less!

Feb 6, 2012 @ 12:32 PM

10. carbon bike rider said...

didnt know all this fun was going on over here. I would prefer that no more roots be taken out. I wish some of them were still there. I rode yesterday and I will ride today and perhaps tomorrow on my carbon bike.

Feb 12, 2012 @ 5:23 AM


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